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Making a Wall Mural


I was so lucky to get to work with amazing Abbey Nova last year on her Upper West Side apartment. We did a lot of really fun DIY projects together in her lovely home that I’m so excited to share with you! First up, a wall mural for her bedroom! (Pssst – if you want a sneak peek of some of the other rooms in her apartment, check out Abbey’s house tour on Cup of Jo)

I’m pretty much crazy for landscape murals (in the right context!), so I was over the moon that we could put our version of that in Abbey’s bedroom. We wanted something really unique and show-stopping in the master since you can see it from the entry if the bedroom door is open.

Abbey is a decorative arts historian and had access to this amazing scan of an antique Zuber mural. I had the scan printed on removable adhesive-backed paper using Wizard Prints. You can actually see in these photos that we just pinned up the panels of the mural rather than sticking it up on the wall. We knew Abbey was planning a move, so we wanted to save the adhesive for a more long-term application. (and actually! Abbey is moving this month and is selling some of her furniture, NYers!)

I love how the mural turned out! What a conversation piece if a visitor saw it peeking out from behind Abbey’s bedroom door! If you want to do something similar, you can blow up your own images, or scan something in, or you can find large images online in public archives galleries. Those will most likely be a little grainy, but it’s still a really cool look I think.

Another favorite part of the room – the antique brass scissor-arm sconces I found at the Chelsea flea salvaged from an old yacht!!! (you can see them best in the first photo).  And also I think the pink euros are great. I made them using peachy-pink linen and neon pink nylon (you know that sort of wind-breaker material?!) for the piping. I love how they work with the greens in the mural.

Top photo by Seth Smoot, styling by Kendra Smoot, for Cup of Jo. Bottom photos are mine.

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33 thoughts on “Making a Wall Mural

  1. Love the wall mural, especially those representing relaxing images or city views like New York, Paris or Rome!
    Great work!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. I actually like the pinned-up version just as much as a more permanent application. Thanks for the Wizard Prints recommendation..I have been wanting to do something similar. Although, I think if I were to pin up a mural, I would leave some space in-between the sheets. But right next to each other looks good too!

  3. Thanks friends!!

    Hailey- the side tables are West Elm!

    Lil T – The ABC Basement still sells (and ships!) remnants of the striped rug. If you call and ask for the Rick the manager and tell him I sent you, they'll give you 10% off. xx

  4. I love the idea of using a mural as wall art. It's something different than regular paint or wall paper. It's also great she can take it with her when she moves unlike more permanent wall coverings.

  5. great idea- while i am in the mural painting-business I really appreciate the moveability of the printed out images- AND they are whole lot faster than an actual painting!!

  6. As always – a wonderful juxtaposition of vintage and new and personal. Lovely. I especially like the striped rug in her living room and the oversized rug in the bedroom. I read that the striped rug was a remnant at the ABC store. Can you recommend any other sources to replicate a similar one? Thank you!

  7. Thanks friends!!

    Hailey- the side tables are West Elm!

    Lil T – The ABC Basement still sells (and ships!) remnants of the striped rug. If you call and ask for the Rick the manager and tell him I sent you, they'll give you 10% off. xx

  8. Thanks, Jenny. So exciting. Fingers crossed that it's within the budget. Do you happen to know if the rug is made by Laundry & Arcari or will Rick just know "striped beige rug" referred by Jenny K?

  9. I'd love to know what the file size of the image was, approximately. My husband and I have been looking for a way to do a very large print so the website link is really appreciated!

  10. Thanks for the nice post Jenny and for all the nice comments! The bed is the "ella" from Room and Board and is in the "ink" color. I am actually thinking about selling it if anyone is interested — $700 (paid $1700 plus delivery). And for the person that asked about file size — I think it was 27MB file. It was BIG.

  11. That's beautiful. I am a professional Artist – have you ever heard of or used Tatoowall products. They can take any uncopyrighted painting, and send you the correct method of application for almost ANY surface, any size. Even cement blocks or metal. It's in the form of a pigment transfer . . . a tatoo (with no pain) for your wall. Gorgeous, high-end process and result. I'm a fan.

  12. The landscape mural does look great on Abbey’s master room. I think it’s a good thing that Abbey is a decorative arts historian, as it gave you the chance to explore many options. And you sure chose a beautiful Zuber scenery to set up. I think it would be great if the mural is made permanent, though it would also be a good idea if you can actually move that around when you do come to a point where you want to move.

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