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Moulding: Going All Out?


You guys, I must be a glutton for punishment. Just as I’m reaching the home stretch for finishing the crown moulding on the parlor level, I start dreaming of trimming out the rest of the walls. Like, top to bottom moulding.

Looking at the room they shot the West Elm Branch floor lamp in, did not help. (which, PS I really want that lamp!)

I think it would be easier to DIY this type of trim that lays flat on the wall. Crown moulding is such a beast!

Have you attempted anything like this? Maybe I’ll just try it in the dining room and stop there if it’s too much work/money. I’m especially drawn to the way the moulding and walls are painted that only makes the moulding look chunkier.

What did you think?
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30 thoughts on “Moulding: Going All Out?

  1. Crown Moulding is AWFUL. Our kitchen took me forever. However, door casing and wall moulding are super easy, it's just all about measuring. And if you're painting it, it's even easier – wood putty does wonders for those little imperfections.

  2. I adore that molding!! I was thinking about trying to diy something like that in my hallway first to see how big of a pain it is. I really love that look when its painted to show it off. There's a picture out there in Pintrest land of a grey wall or door and the molding on it is painted gold. Looks killer.

  3. I've never tried it before, but I love, love, love the look. The effort might be worth it if you guys are planning on staying a while.

  4. The home we moved into already had this trim on the walls, everything was painted white. We have since painted the walls BM Edgecomb Grey and left the trim white, I love it. I really like the vertical lines which lift the room. Even when the floor is covered in toys and there in laundry on my coffee table, it's my fancy room.

  5. Wow, living right next to the freeway in the OC makes me think of dust. Where there is molding there's a place for the dust to sit. I LOVE it tho and its worth it! I saw go for it!

  6. This is such a fabulous look. I would love to learn how to do it. How about a faux moulding look, like moulding at the top and bottom and then a slightly different color in between? Youve got me dreaming now, I love this wide look!

  7. I loooove lots of moulding, but that is a huge project. And by the way, I want the West Elm coffee table – two of them! Saw them that way in a room on pinterest, and have been wishing ever since.

  8. I say do it! Simple moulding like in the photo isn't too difficult – definitely not as difficult as crown moulding. The painting will take you more time! The photo looks like a matte finish – that's a pretty great idea too.

  9. Love the molding! I was just contemplating putting crown in my 2 girls' rooms after I am done painting in them. Hmmm Maybe I can convince my dad to do it. lol

  10. Love all that you are doing to your place! You are amazing, especially since it's a rental. Even though the landlord must be thrilled with all you're doing to improve it and make it wonderful to live in, does it bother you that it's not your own (bought) place? Just wondering about that. Thanks for sharing……Karen (in Virginia)

  11. We've been adding moulding in our master bedroom and bathroom, and honestly it makes such a difference when it's finished! Yes, it is a huge pain to paint all of the wood, but the actual installation process is pretty painless, although it takes awhile. You can see a peek of ours in this post about our bathroom:

    Still working on our bedroom, hopefully we'll be done in the next week or so :)

  12. My husband did this in our first house and it added so much character. It wasnt that hard and if it is painted same color as wall..even less. You can do it! Good luck!

  13. Oh, please do! It's something I want to DIY install in the future in our home that's being built… so I'll need your tutorial! Ha ha!
    AND it'll look SO good. I'm a huge sucker for mouldings.

  14. Oh, please do! It's something I want to DIY install in the future in our home that's being built… so I'll need your tutorial! Ha ha!
    AND it'll look SO good. I'm a huge sucker for mouldings.

  15. Hey Jenny – I did this in my bedroom a few years ago and it was pretty easy. I drew the boxes on the wall first and popped the cut moulding right on top of it. It's all 45 degree angles and simple finishing nails. Go for it! I love it and everyone who sees our bedroom comments on it :)

  16. Jenny, I have always loved paneling like in the photo. I like how the picture rail is incorporated into the molding design so you could choose to use it or not (like how the photo does not use it)

    Good luck with your decision, and I cannot wait for the big unveiling!


  17. Gah! It looks so good, but I stink at trim. Well, I don't stink at doing it, just at finding the motivation to do it. It always seems like such a "little" thing – unlike painting or knocking down a wall – so I put it off. But that little 5% of the job makes the whole thing look so much better and complete.

  18. If you decide to go for it, please give us a full step-by-step. I've been wanted to do this in our living room ever since we moved in four years ago, but it's always seemed a little too daunting. I absolutely love the look though!

  19. Molding is such a pain!!! I have done nearly floor to ceiling picture frame molding in a bedroom and picture frame molding under the chair rail in the dining room. The smaller space in the dining room was MUCH much easier whereas the br project nearly gave me a heart attack. There is so much measuring and leveling! The end results and money saved by DIYing made it worth it though!

    Good luck! Keep calm and get yo molding on.

  20. Do it! Do it! If you don't you'll regret it later. Plus, it's not that hard; you will have to spend quite a bit of time putting it the space between the moulding and the walls if the walls are not perfectly even and somooth. Oh, byt the reward…. We're rooting you on!

  21. I've done one window in my kitchen with trim and molding and it was such a long tedious process. I looked around my molding-less house in disgust…like seriously, do I REALLY want to do more of this type of work to every single room in this place? The answer was yes. It's a pain but it's just worth it.

  22. I have done this and it makes such a huge difference! It is not difficult, just a bit time consuming. The only thing to watch out for is uneven wall surfaces; you'll have to use some liquid nails on the wallboard or else the moulding will pop right out where it is uneven. Go for it!

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