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New Balcony Chairs from Fab


Good news! I am working on a zinc table DIY for our balcony that I’m really excited about. Since I’m saving about $500 on that project, I felt okay about spending a little more on chairs.

I had plans to buy four vintage Bertoia chairs (or this new version), but it’s true they aren’t the most comfortable chairs out there (especially without the chair pads). So I decided to nix the idea, mostly because I thought something more on the solid side would look better with the tumbling block floor pattern.

I’ve always loved Blu Dot furniture (Jenna Lyons’ pink desk is such a favorite.) And while I might have not picked these chairs on their own, the modern lines mix so well with traditional and other vintage styles. I can’t wait to pair them with my zinc table.

Fab had the Blue Dot chairs on sale for about the same price as the Bertoia knock-offs I had been considering before. One of my friends has these on her balcony and they made for a very comfortable long dinner party. And of course, I’m crazy over the red color (though they come in other colors too if you’re looking for something similar).

Even though I purchased the chairs myself, Fab is a sponsor of LGN and I’m happy to share some of the great products available on the site today. The Fab site is super fast-moving (the sales last 3-7 days) so when this stuff is gone, it’s gone. A sad lesson I learned this week when the kantha quilt I loved sold. Never wait when it’s true love! :) Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful quilts left here.

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15 thoughts on “New Balcony Chairs from Fab

  1. If I am not mistaken I saw these quilts at Century 21 in Westbury on the Island. Thought they were a little out of character for the store and went over to look but could not think of a place to display. I could be wrong though…..they were in the bedding section in the basement level.

  2. Jenny I have those Blu Dot chairs – you will not be disappointed! They are really great! They are even really fun to assemble. You bend the frame at different angles. They're lovely in person.

  3. I <3 Kantha quilts too! How would you use these though, Jenny? at the foot of a bed? Are they too big for a sofa?

  4. Jenny, are you a fan of your Hasbeens? I think I saw you walking with your kids in Brooklyn a week or two ago wearing boots just like these. My girlfriend has some too and she says they are not that great for walking in after a couple of hours. Maybe a bad choice for the city? I was devastated when she said that because I think they are perfect. So naturally I was thrilled to see you wearing some yourself. And if Jenny likes them, I know I'd like them! :) (hope this comment did not creep you out too much!) ha!

  5. Excited to search this site. Never heard of it…happens with four kids. Think your in one day but so out the next. Thanks for keeping me in the "know".

  6. I'm really enjoying Fab. But I wanted to let you know that there's a newish company called Hand and Cloth that makes kantha blankets and sells them for good prices while at the same time supporting the women who make them with good work conditions and dignity. Their website is:

  7. Just FYI, Blu Dot has the 20% off sale on their website and in stores as well right now (through nov 8th)–it's actually the same deal as the one on Fab.

  8. Oh, P.S. I've been dying to get the console version of that jenna lyons desk (also in watermelon), they had a floor sample for $200 the other day in the Soho store! It's beautiful but will in no way fit in my apartment. *sigh*

  9. Really looking forward to your DIY zinc table. I've wanted a zinc dining table for ages but they can be really pricey so I'm especially excited to see what you've got up your sleeve!

  10. I am a huge Fab fan! Some of the flash sale sites are so serious, so I love how irreverent Fab is. I've purchased several things from them in the past few months. I've been eyeing the Blu Dot chairs online, but have never seen them in person. My favorite chairs of late were discovered on Fab. They are by the relatively new company Bend. Super-cool, in super-fun colors. And supposedly really comfortable too!

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