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Today’s my birthday and we’re celebrating with our visiting family, so I’m taking it easy while they’re still here. But tomorrow I’m hoping to get started on the cushions of the new/old sofa.

I bought the velvet yesterday at JEM. It’s really hard to photograph because it has a bit of a sheen to it and the color changes in the light (love).

So the real question is – do I do a black welting or just a self welt? I’m worried about making piping with the velvet (it’s tricky because it’s so thick and velvet pile often rolls weird), but also I think black linen would look pretty amazing!

What would you do?
What did you think?
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  1. I think that it would look awesome with velvet piping! I would be worried that I wouldn't like the black piping long enough to warrant all the work! Do you sew your piping on the bias? It makes the piping so much easier to work with! Can't wait to see the finished product! The velvet is gorgeous!!!

  2. I'd get sick of the black after a while…I say go with a self welt OR have you thought about a lime green or chartreuse???

  3. Happy Birthday!

    black or brown ,maybe not linen as there seems enough feedback about wear but not self welt it might be timeless but something tells me you'll be changing it up in the future that's just your thing, go with your gut, of all the risks you can take in life, this is a no brainer! go for it.

  4. I'd save the black piping for accent pillows and use the same color velvet welting on the sofa.

    BTW – what is that fabric? It's stunning!

  5. Happy Birthday Jenny!

    I am so envious of your sewing skills. Without seeing the rest of your room and the look you are trying to create I would hestitate to recommend either but on it's own I love the idea of black piping with the blue velvet. I think you have to think in terms of "competition". Will the sofa have a dominant dramatic role in the room or do you already have that going on somewhere else. The black would definitely draw the eye. I can't wait to see what you ultimately choose.

  6. Another vote for self welt.

    As someone above said- timeless, versatile, classic.

    If it was something smaller and less work like a side chair I would say go for it. But for the amount of time and investment, I would go for classic. The black just seems so harsh and almost kinda 80s to me. Like you've been watching too much Saved by the Bell and got confused.

  7. Happy Birthday Jenny! My vote goes to black piping.

    Live Inspired,
    Heidi Chamoun

  8. Oh there are tons of responses. I think the black linen would be too much of a contrast and you might get tired of it. I would do a matching or contrasting but not so dark welt or piping and try a touch of black trim on a cushion. The colour is gorgeous and would look nice with browns, greys and teals as well.

  9. If i was as adventurous as you, I would definitely go with the black piping but I'm a scaredy cat so I would probably stick with velvet.

  10. happy birthday!!
    i love contrasting piping too and the bonus of that [besides it looking awesome] is that a welt with linen would be so easy to sew. i am also debating fabric for my couch…and i def want to use contrasting fabric for welt

  11. Happy Birthday Jenny! Your blog is seriously my favorite thing on the internet. I love your style, your projects, and your sweet little family. Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us throughout the year, the world is a prettier place with you in it!

    As far as the trim goes, I think the black would look fantastic and emphasize the sofa's tailored look. Go for it!

  12. If it's on the poofier side, I'd totally go with the black, if not I think the self-welt would be nicer. Are you planning on doing the upholstery yourself? I just got a similar sofa that I really need to reupholster, and would love a walk-through on the blog. That chair one you did is still my go-to!

  13. I think self-welt….and I have to 2nd one or two others on PLEEEASE give us a sofa reupholstery tutorial! I have a raggedy looking sofa that's been sitting on my front porch for the last couple weeks, begging me to recover it, but there are a few aspects to it that are scaring me and I'd love a walk through…. Thanks!

  14. Why not try the black on a section; then if it doesn't turn out self welt.

    I did not get a good look at the lines of the sofa; could another option be nailhead trim in brass?

    Art by Karena

  15. Black linen baby! Such a modern contrast to the gorgeous old school velvet (my favorite fabric!). It's going to look divine.

  16. Hi! I would definitely go with black welting, but for the material, it depends– are you doing the reupholstery yourself? I just reupholstered some faux bamboo chairs and did contrast navy blue velvet welting on the T-cushions and it's so luxurious and just a gorgeous look. BUT it was a huge headache, because like you said, it can roll a bit when you're trying to get sharp corners, AND with how thick velvet is, it was VERY hard on my machine (I broke at least 6 needles, and that is stress right there). BUT, if you're going to hire out, I'm sure the professionals can handle those little issues. In the end the velvet was worth it to me, but it was a really big headache. If you're doing it yourself, I'm sure black linen would also provide plenty of punch too! Whatever you do will be fabulous, I'm sure!

  17. Happy Birthday! I have a dark charcoal velvet sofa with black welt and it's gorgeous! Do the black!

  18. Happy Birthday hope you are having a fabulous day.

    The black linen piping will look fantastic, go for it, I say. :)

    That velevt is beautiful. x

  19. Happy Birthday hope you are having a fabulous day.

    The black linen piping will look fantastic, go for it, I say. :)

    That velevt is beautiful. x

  20. Happy Birthday! Any way you can provide a source for that fabric?? I have been searching everywhere for the right blue velvet!

  21. My vote is for black. Hmm, your sofa would look perfect in my own living room either way! I need to get the courage up to try a reupholstery project myself. Piping and box cushions intimidate me. Hope you have a great birthday!

  22. I have this dilemma hanging over me regarding a wing chair and deep green mohair velvet. I discussed it with my upholsterer and he said the density of the velvet AND the depth of the pile is the deciding factor in whether or not to self-welt. A deep pile velvet or one that is NOT dense looks terrible as a welt, so on that score, you can decide accordingly.

    As for contrast welting, I agree with those that say the black might be too cold and harsh of a contrast and might age badly with children. If you want the contrast, I agree that brown would set off the blue nicely, giving that graphic look without looking harsh against that delicate blue. If you don't want to be locked in, then a different blue or even a gray for interest is the way to go, variety without the very specific look that a black or brown would produce. Blues and grays would allow for almost any kind of pillows to be used down the road.

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