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Sponsored: Wilsonart Countertops


This post is sponsored by Wilsonart HD. To check out the entire Wilsonart HD line, visit www.WilsonartHD.com.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover a Reality

We know, we know… you’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately, dreaming and pinning your ultimate kitchen makeover. Whether you’re actually thinking about a real-life kitchen renovation to jazz up your current home, or designing a kitchen from scratch for a new apartment or house, budget is usually the biggest stumbling block. Beyond the pricey appliances, the materials that contribute to the look and feel of your kitchen décor – namely the countertops – can cost a small fortune, especially if you’re thinking of going with granite. Before you give up on your makeover plans or go into debt, however, check out Wilsonart® HD® countertops, which offer a laminate alternative to granite and other pricey options.

With contemporary and classic designs, decorative edge options, and at approximately one-third of the cost of real stone granite, Wilsonart HD can fit within your budget without sacrificing room style (translation: your friends will have no clue that you saved a ton!). It utilizes AEON™ Enhanced Performance technology to make it scratch- and scuff-resistant, which means you won’t be afraid to actually prepare and serve food on it. You can also add Wilsonart® HD®  Integrated Sinks into your renovation plans for a seamless and affordable addition to the new décor.
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To check out the entire Wilsonart HD line, visit www.WilsonartHD.com.
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