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Painting Vintage Lighting


We’re putting the finishing touches on the GIANT chandelier and it’s looking really great. I’m in love! As I was spraying the bad brass away, I remembered a pair of scones we used in Abbey’s dining room that I painted out. The paint on the tole was chipped enough that we need to strip down the sconces first. I slathered both with Citrastrip and scraped away the paint as it loosened up. Not a huge chore – it’s actually kind of fun detail work.

Then I painted the orange on with a brush since it was too cold to spray the sconces (it was winter when we redid these). The color is one of my favorites – BM Tomato Red. It really pops against her white walls, right? And I love the orange next to the blue in Abbey’s landscape.

PS I bought these at the flea market, but there are tons of super affordable tole sconces on eBay, just begging to get a coat of bright paint.

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15 thoughts on “Painting Vintage Lighting

  1. So happy to revisit all of the posts about Abbey's apartment. Great stuff! I'm hoping to order one of her letterpress prints

  2. Such a happy dining room! I'm really hoping to have a chance to work with you in the next year or two Jenny (as soon as budget allows!!)

    Shannon Esposito

  3. I have an old single sconce I found in the trash (dumpster diver right here!) that is dying to be orange now! :) Thanks for the idea

  4. I wonder where Abbey bought that oil painting. She has great taste (or maybe you bought it for her Jenny?)

    You're right that the blue really works with the red of the sconces. Lovely.

  5. Hey Jenny,

    I just wanted to say that I love your work. You are busting your ass every day to post for all us Jenny Minions, and we all know that are better places for you to be spending your precious time. But THANK YOU for sharing with us and making the time for us. You have educated me about so many deisgn principles and opened up my mind. I now think outside the box. My wallet (and my husband!) thank you.

    x Farrah

  6. Fun end result. Love what you do friend! Check out our giveaway this week. Good luck with all your projects.
    xo Nancy

  7. Love these – they are candleholders, yes? Was thinking aqua or light blue candles would look so pretty! Can't wait to see your chandelier, it's going to look amazing!

  8. I've been spraypainting a vintage chandelier for my place but have to have it rewired now as the paint corroded the plastic cover on the wiring. Such a pain! I chose a matt charcoal and it looks great but I'd love to try a bright colour on it one day!

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

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