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Gems at Urban Outfitters

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In the past I’ve not always been an easy style fit for most of the home offerings at Urban Outfitters, so I don’t check out their website regularly. But I popped over last week and ended up buying a bunch of things. (A lot of it was on sale, too. Bonus!). I can’t believe all the cool lighting they have right now. Floor lamps galore.

The robot bank below is really cute in person and the girls love it (are your kids obsessed with piggy banks like mine are?).  I’m also so excited about those cute brass sconces. I bought a pair for Heather’s room redo – they were only $29! Total steal.
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25 thoughts on “Gems at Urban Outfitters

  1. I agree, UO can be hit or miss… and you kind of have to be prepared to get what you pay for. That said, I just put a couple of items in a client's place – these tables worked great as nightstands and the "brass" floor lamp looks pretty good (my client loves it). It definitely helped when we were at the end of the budget!

  2. I bought the tiered brass pendant months ago, but was bummed to see it has more of a bronze finish in person. So, it has languished in my stack of "projects." Can't wait to see how you use it – know I'll be inspired!

  3. major score! i've always admired UO's home offerings but have never pulled the trigger. the bronze tiered chandy is especially awesome.

  4. I love these! If the dimensions are right, I think the mint hanging shelf would look great on the wall in the bathroom (above the toilet) and I'm wondering if one of the brass sconces would look cool on the wall over a desk!

  5. I'm totally obsessed with Urban Outfitters, but have been pretty broke recently so haven't even tempted myself by visiting their website, but now I might just have to take a look… darn it! Looks like you found a lot of great items, and it's even better when they're on sale!

  6. I was so excited when I saw the terrarium listed as something you liked from Urban Outfitters. In December I purchased the exact some terrarium and made my own for my home. I really enjoy the results, but word of warning, the corners aren't seemed and will leak if you water your plants. I solved that problem with some clear caulk and it hasn't leaked since. Here is my post. Enjoy!


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