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Inlay Boxes at Homegoods

Did you see that Homegoods has a bunch of inlay pieces (trays, jewelry boxes, mirrors, picture frames and even furniture) in gray, black and red backgrounds? I picked up a few pieces last week to add to my hostess gift stash, including two of these jewelry boxes (one in gray and one in red), and I can’t decide which one I’m going to keep for myself. :)
They had quite a few chairs that looked a lot like these. They weren’t crazy cheap (I think about $200 each), but they were definitely discounted from what similar chairs usually go for. And talk about a look! I love how these chairs pair up so well with more modern furniture.
Did you score any of these Homegoods inlay pieces? Let’s see!

PS In case you missed it last spring, here’s my DIY version of an inlay-style dresser.

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14 thoughts on “Inlay Boxes at Homegoods

  1. When we went to ABC to see Santa (the only thing we can afford at ABC), we wandered up to admire the mother of pearl inlay furniture they have. I consider it more a furniture museum than a store. And hey, free admission!

  2. Ah! Totally unrelated: In the most recent season of Downton Abbey, one of the homes has a matte charcoal fireplace. I was in love with it. Now, seeing something similar, I'm officially obsessed. I might just have a black fireplace by week's end..

  3. Thanks for the heads up! It's good to know when Home Goods gets a big shipment of a particular item. I still regret leaving behind some Bulgarian Troyan pottery thinking I'd be able to find it later, and of course, everything disappeared. :( I'm super impressed with your faux inlay dresser too Jenny, wow!

  4. Awesome choice! I actually purchased the red a few months ago, but returned it because I just didn't have a place for a box of that size. I wish it was just a tad smaller, I was heartbroken to set it free, but it just didn't fit. I'd love to see how you end up styling it!

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