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Years ago, Anna Spiro wrote about the Australian artist Allyson Reynolds and her beautiful paintings of colorful moths. Pretty much everyone went bonkers for them and the large paintings were completely unattainable. I’ve since heard one of the galleries there in Australia occasionally has one or two up for sale (in case you’re in the market).

Recently I happened to stumble across her book called Moth Song that the artist sells through Blurb.

It’s pricey at almost $100 with shipping and taxes, etc, but there are pages and pages of beautiful images that I think are completely frame-worthy.

About half the book is moths and half is this series of black and white images. I love these too and hope to use them somewhere. The patterns are all different and would look so pretty in a series in a hallway or maybe a powder bath?

There are probably a dozen or more moths prints in the book and I knew I wanted to use four in Heather’s room. I just used a utility knife and a ruler to carefully cut out the pages I wanted. 
This way, the book is still (mostly) in tact and the other pages can still be enjoyed without it being obvious that a few were torn out.
I picked up my trusty two-pack of frames at Michaels for about $7 and a couple of simple white mats to frame the four “prints”.
They’re not fancy frames obviously, but I really love how simple the white on white look is with all the crazy colors and the movement in the prints.
Heather loves the prints as much as I do. Aren’t all those bright colors pretty on the dark green walls?
And I also like how they pair with the new (super affordable) wall-mount sconces I bought at Urban Outfitters. I decided to paint out the white cords with the wall color paint, just so everything not meant to be noticed sort of fades into the background of the wall (along with the corbel nightstands and the light switch plate).
Now I just need to pick a fabric for her shams so I can photograph the rest of the room.  I am dying to show you the giant art just to the right of this shot above! (eeps! so excited!)
What did you think?
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62 thoughts on “Moth Prints

  1. Hi Jenny! Those prints are gorgeous! Looking forward to catching up on what I've missed here in the last week or so since we got a huge wonderful shock- I think I mentioned to you that we're expecting #4 (we already have 3 girls like you) so we went to my 20 week sono last week expecting to find out that another little princess was joining our family and found out instead that we hit the boy jackpot- identical boy twins!

  2. So Very Cheerful! I also was charmed by the first photo's tables. I am searching for that size and style for an awkward corner I have in my nest. Do you know where I can find those stainless steel tables. Well I just need one. It looks as if they placed two side by side.
    Please advise.

  3. You've got my vote on the contest! LOVE the artist & your clever display of the art. This reminds me of a wall calendar that I kept from a few years ago with the intent of doing exactly what you did … now where did I put that calendar? :-)

  4. Beautiful pieces! I love all the Moth series and always wanted one for my house, but I don't think there any currently available for purchase. Such a great find with that book!

    I've used those frames in the past with clients and they are great. So clean, clean and modern. They don't take away from the art, but make it look professional framed.


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