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I get asked a lot about where to buy good metallic linen. I always have pointed people in the direction of Gray Line Linens in the past, but they recently came out with some new colors that are pretty darn amazing.

 photo GraylineMetallicLinen.jpg

I tried to scan these in so you could better seen the color, sheen and texture (since the photos on the website are worthless), but if you need a very specific color, I recommend ordering one of the swatch cards here before place your fabric order.

 photo metallics1.jpg

I’d say these are all heavy enough for light use upholstery (like secondary chairs, headboards, and obviously curtains and pillows). The fabric is so pretty in person – I wish the depth and shimmer were translating better! 
 photo Metallics2.jpg

I’m thinking of having a summery dress made out of the yellow above (MM68). Wouldn’t that be so cute? I have an old favorite dress that’s on its last leg and I’m hoping my tailor can rip it apart to use as a pattern for a new one in the yellow.

 photo Metallics3.jpg

 photo Metallics4.jpg
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  1. Thank you soooo much!!! You must have been reading my mind. For the last six months, I've been debating whether to cover two bergere chairs in my living room. Now I can order a swatch! Thanks again!

  2. Great job scanning them in. The zoom helps so much! We love Greyline Linens. Beautiful textures!
    xo Nancy
    Powellbrowerhome. om

  3. Gray Lines is my go-to for good quality linen. The metallic colors look fantastic! This give me some ideas for the headboard I'm planning for my master bedroom. Thanks for the tip!

  4. These are so pretty! I've been wanting to make an upholstered headboard for a long time, and was originally thinking velvet, but I love these colors and this would probably be so much easier to work with. I love the teal and the yellow!

  5. I was just looking at this yesterday! I picked up a vintage sofa to upholster (probably in a gray sunbrella velvet with cream piping) and I was thinking about using linen for either some pillows or an accent chair. So pretty.

  6. Speaking of dresses, thank you for responding about your Evie's dress from American Apparel. I picked one up for my daughter and she loves it, as it is so soft and cheerful. We also took your holiday stocking stuffer recommendation of the wet brush and it has made a huge difference in taming her curly, tangled hair. Much appreciation from both of us, Jenny, for your sharing the good and useful things you have found!

  7. I didn't even realize metallic linen existed! What a fun idea…the possibilities are endless, but the thought of dining room chairs and throw pillows in this fabric will stick with me a while, I think. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Thanks for sharing! I'm planning on ordering some for an ottoman in our family room if I can ever decide on the color! A few months ago I used some really inexpensive metallic tweed linen from Hancock fabrics to reupholster a settee in our bedroom (I did the upholstery myself!) Seen here:

    And here:

    Also, I noticed at Target the other day that there are metallic linen drapes in the Nate Berkus line, but I think they're too sheer to use for upholstery.

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