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Neon and Lucite Vanity Desk


One of the things I was excited to pick up for Heather’s room redo surprise was this vintage lucite vanity desk from the Chelsea flea market. I loved its cool shape and I liked that the hinged mirror top could fold all the way down.

The laminate desktop underneath the hinged mirror was not in the best shape though and it was a dingy-looking cream color. So, inspired by the side table in this image, I picked up a little tub of neon orange paint at my local hardware store…

I ended up adding a little Penetrol to the paint to make sure there would be no brush marks.

It’s hard to photograph neon, but the color is great in here – it’s punchy and perfect for Heather’s room.

I picked up the brass cube floor lamp at the flea market too. And Heather and I picked out the art together.

We both thought something in the purple-blue-indigo family would be pretty in here, so when we stumbled across these gorgeous (and affordable!) screenprints from the Vivian and Beverly etsy shop, we knew our search was over. (PS I think I need the flamingos print too and maybe the zebra?)

I love the print and think it’s a great color combo with the desk color.

Also, I like how the bright orange is a more intense version of the orangey coral velvet bedframe. I think the “tone on tone for a cohesive room” approach works even with neons! :)

I know it’s a bold look, but this is a pretty contained application. Plus, how easy will it be to change up when we tire of the color? It’s usually a good idea to do more neutral/classic colors on expensive upholstery, but paint is such an easy way to try out color trends without making a huge commitment 

So, what’s the craziest painted piece you have in your home?

(PS If you’re struggling to find a good balance of painted pieces to stained wood pieces in your home, I usually suggest a 1:1 ratio. A little too heavy either way feels unbalanced to me. What do you think?)

What did you think?
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35 thoughts on “Neon and Lucite Vanity Desk

  1. That is BA-RIGHT! But great with the dark walls. Btw what do the two links at the bottom of your post have to do with your project? I was a little confused. Thanks for the share.

  2. I LOVE orange!! It's one of my favorite colors so I have some stools and a mirror painted orange. It's such a fun happy color! Love the Lucite too!

  3. Beautiful palette of colors… I especially like the coral of the bedframe with the wall color. So romantic yet cool. You have a great way of pulling that off- and that's not an easy combo! Great post!

  4. Uber chic. I love the spotted green box on the top– I have a set of coral/black coasters in the same print and I'm obsessed with them. I recently picked up a new chair for our bedroom that needs repainting and now my wheels are turning thinking of what color to go with. We have black walls, so I could choose something like this that would really pop!

  5. I seriously LOVE everything you do. You take pieces that I would just pass by and turn them into amazingness! If you ever came out with a book, I would be all over it….just saying!

  6. That is a crazy good piece of furniture. The neon orange is so perfect for the dark bedroom, but I think it would be so elegant in black or metallic gold – maybe in some future bedroom.

  7. I really like that vanity. But I think for such a small space I would have put in a more functional piece: like a desk with a good writing/computer surface and some drawer space.

  8. Lovefest: the flea market finds, the color choice, the tip about Penetrol, the link to Vivian and Beverly, the accessories, the styling. All of it.

  9. I agree with the other comments that this desk is really great in the space and the new color is also just great. My only comment is that when I look at the whole completed image- I really want to change the matt around the lovely screen print. The matt looks off-the-shelf and feels a little off compared to the detail devoted to all the other elements. A thicker matt with a better color and the right proportions to the print would be icing on the cake. When all the other elements are just so perfect, I think the frame works- the matt is the one thing that stops my eye.

  10. I love seeing what you do with flea market finds! It's so cool to see the before and after. I can't wait to be living back in the states because of all the great flea markets! I also love the bright neon for this small space.

  11. I love seeing what you do with flea market finds! It's so cool to see the before and after. I can't wait to be living back in the states because of all the great flea markets! I also love the bright neon for this small space.

  12. The vanity and the floor lamp are both great finds! What time do you get to the flea? Also, where is that awesome rug from?

  13. It looks fabulous – I have to ask how do you paint laminate – the paint doesn't adhere – what kind of primer are you using or what tips do you have for painting laminte finishings?

  14. Thank you for mentioning balancing out painted pieces with stained wood pieces. It's very trendy right now to paint wood furniture, but balance is key to all decorating! 50% might be a little high as to what I would have suggested for a percentage, but it's a good starting point. The rule in my home is at least one larger piece or a couple smaller stained wood pieces per room. It's harder to find great stained pieces, and I'm always on the lookout for quality vintage pieces.

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