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Brass-Plated Industrial Shelving

Utility Room
How amazing are these brass-plated industrial shelves?
 photo IMG_1774.jpg
Windsor Smith had these run-of-the-mill hardware store metal shelves plated for Tracy Anderson’s new flagship studio (the whole place is incredible).  It looks like she used something similar to these $90 shelves and replaced the MDF with marble and added casters. 
 photo IMG_1645.jpg
I know I’d definitely get my laundry done more often with a pair of these next to my washer/dryer. :)
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  1. I DIYd some that are very similar using $60 Home Depot garage shelves and spray paint. I love mine! I'll email a pic.

  2. Excellent ~ How about malachite contact paper for the MDF & gold auto paint for the shelves??? Auto paint will look better then regular gold spray paint.

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