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Giveaway: Windows 8 Tablet, Keyboard Dock and Stylus Brush


So many of you mentioned yesterday that you were dying to get your hands on the Fresh Paint app yourself. Well, here’s your chance! The Fresh Paint team provided me with a tablet with the Windows 8 software, a keyboard dock (making your tablet basically a fully functioning laptop), and a really cool stylus brush to give away so you can create your own masterpieces in Fresh Paint.

 photo abstract.png

(one of my recent Fresh Paint creations – I’m loving this app!)

So to enter to win the tablet, keyboard and brush stylus, please leave a comment on this post, sharing what type of painting projects you’d try with the Fresh Paint app. Abstracts? Portraits? Hoping to import a photo in using the “wet paint” function? Feel free to link to inspiration images. We’d love to see!

***This just in! CanvasPop is throwing in a free 12×18 custom canvas print of your masterpiece as part of the give away. How’s that for sweetening the pot? :)

Contest ends Sunday May 5 at midnight. I’ve opened up the comments to allow for unregistered users. The winner will be emailed so please be sure to leave you email address if you’re not signed in. Good luck!

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2,047 thoughts on “Giveaway: Windows 8 Tablet, Keyboard Dock and Stylus Brush

  1. This would be a awesome to have for myself and three little boys. Our home would never be lacking in art and our creativity would never wane!

  2. This would be a awesome to have for myself and three little boys. Our home would never be lacking in art and our creativity would never wane!

  3. This is really cool! I would like to start with old family photos, and also reproducing favorite paintings or creating new ones…In short I would like to try everything with this awesome tool!

  4. I would make baseball and basketball art for my sports redux room I'm doing for my son! I'd also like to paint over some portraits from our wedding to frame and place over our bed!

  5. I would use it to paint some baseball and basketball abstracts for my son's sports redux room. I'd also paint some portraits from our wedding to be used on our bedroom walls!

  6. I would try my hands at abstracts because I love a good abstract. But, I do like the idea of being able to import photos and using the wet paint option

  7. I would probably copy you exactly! The paintings would make such great gifts. And the app would be a perfect way for my toddler to paint without pushing her ocd mommy over the edge.

  8. i posed a comment earlier and forgot to include my contact info (woops!), so here i go again. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. My sister passed away 5 years ago;she was an amazzzing artist and a wonderful friend. I would so love to create my own works of art with this app and follow in her creative footsteps. 'Im thinking poppy abstract or perhaps demure still life. Hope I make the cut!

  9. Probably abstract. Love the idea of creating my own canvas art. But maybe also turning an existing photo into canvas art.

  10. I would love to try doing some portraits. I used to paint and draw a lot but I haven't been doing much the last several years. It would be great to get back into it.

  11. Such an amazing giveaway and I'm so excited about this app. I would definitely concentrate on abstracts but I also want to use the wet paint feature. I have several photos of family members I've lost recently that I would love to reinvent as you did. Thank you!

  12. So amazing! I would love to try to do a portrait from my parent's wedding day. I'm also intrigued by the abstracts!

  13. I would paint loads of awesome things and post them on my tumblr, I'd also probably use it for art a level which I'll be beginning next year!!!

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