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Spring Flowers


One of my favorite things about where we live is the proximity to Trader Joe’s. I have to pass by it to take my girls to school each day, which makes it easy to pop in for the day’s food. I stopped in yesterday and the $5 ranunculus giant bunches are back! I love peonies as much as the next blogger, but there’s something special about ranunculus blooms. I love that they are a little quirky with their meandering stems. And I like that some have really dark, almost black centers.

 photo IMG_2502.jpg

What are you favorite flowers? I’m also a big fan of white anemones and garden roses in any color.

PS I met the queen of flower arranging at a party once and she is hands-down the coolest person. Isn’t that the best when online people exceed coolness expectations in real life?

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23 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. One of my favorite flowers is the gardenia. I carried them on my wedding day and so did my Mother.
    They have the most delightful scents. I also love lillies of the vallies.

  2. You do get to meet the coolest people~ I love how we can feel as if we know one another when we actually meet an on-line connection. Amy's site is lovely.

  3. Ohh i love them too and they last for a couple of weeks atleast! i sometimes just leave them in the vase to dry.
    I find that the Trader Joe's on 6th Avenue has the best selection of flowers (AND orchids!), I've been meaning to visit the one in Brooklyn.

    Thanks for the flowers on a rainy day in the City! seems like we just went through the four seasons in one week isnt it?


  4. I love those flowers — and can I tell you how jealous I am that you live so close to a TJ's? The closest one to me is 3 hours away… so sad.

  5. Very pretty arrangement. I love gardenias for their smell and also tulips. I am excited that Trader Joe's is coming to my city and there will be one not too far from my house. I will look forward to the flowers!

  6. Lucky you! I always buy flowers at the grocery store when I am there on Sundays…but if I could just walk by a Trader Joe's and have such a selection– that would be wonderful! Take care, Caroline

  7. Peonies all the way. And thanks for introducing me to ranunculus…and for the magnificent picture, to which I've already returned several times today.

  8. Hooray for TJ flowers! I've been buying the ranunculus too – and hanging them to dry at the end of the week! I have a little window that now has 4 or 5 bouquets decorating it.

  9. LOVE ranunculas! And we're loving our $3 bunches of tulips now too…but I have to say that my all time favorite flowers have to be the warm yellow/orange mums that pop up when the weather starts to turn cold at the end of summer!

  10. Love ranunculus — so beautiful — love them. In fact just went to Terrain (uber garden store owned by urban outfitters outside philly )and they had the most amazing faux ones so you could look at them forever.

  11. ranunculas all the way!! sometimes my costco has just one or two bunches hidden in with the other flowers and i always feel victorious when i'm the one that finds them.

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