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Tiger Chest

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I’ve mentioned before how thrift stores can be hit or miss in NYC. I get it though. Real estate here is so expensive, they have to really hike those prices up to cover the rent. So I usually don’t have high expectations for great deals if I’m popping in to shop. (By the way, I recommend any of the Housing Works locations, the Salvation Army way over on 11th Ave and the Angel Store Thrift on 17th.) For the most part you can expect to find something like this. The tag here read “Pink chair in the Eames style, Broken leg. As-is, $195” Like, what? You can buy them new for less. Who’s going to pay that for a busted up knock-off?

 photo IMG_1883.jpg

Yet, just a few feet away from the overpriced broken chair was this Tigery beauty. Price: $200 on the dot.

 photo IMG_1984copy.jpg

This type of wood and finish is practically my favorite thing in the world. I love-lurve-luff the pattern in the grain. I don’t even know what species the wood it is – looks too smooth to be oak. Crotch mahogany? Maple?

 photo 2DSC_0269.jpg

So then I did what any other hardcore thrifter would do. I threw angry glances of warning to the shoppers around me and flung my body over the thing while I spent five full minutes carefully prying off the clear mailing tape they used to secure the price tag (??). Then I happily hustled to the train to go pick up my car and bring this baby back home with me.

 photo DSC_0256-1.jpg

The chest replaced the pink wire console for now, which went on the back porch – and I love it there. I’m still trying to figure out the rest of the office, but I think we’re getting there. I love this big brass lamp here that I pulled out of the lamp graveyard in the basement. A big desk project is happening this week (more on that Monday), and I think a new rug will really help.

 photo DSC_0242.jpg

 photo DSC_0265.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0228.jpg

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HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope you’re having a great one! xo

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50 thoughts on “Tiger Chest

  1. Nice find!! I know the NYC thrift shops are not bargain central. I used to troll the Sloane Kettering one & only once got a great lamp for what i thought was a great price. Do u ever drive out east?…if so, hit the North Fork you can still get good prices on great stuff. Riverhead has/had a great salvation army where I "threw myself on" stuff regularly.
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I have thrown myself on things much, much less beautiful than what you found! Wow! What a beauty!

    Have you ever gone thrifting in Fairfield County? It can be a bust, but sometimes I find some pretty swanky stuff (for my house and me–the handbags can be amazing!)

  3. Great find! I super love how you explained what you did when you saw it, I have been trying to plain to my husband for a while now what it's like when you find a thrift store gem and he thinks I'm crazy :) so I read him what you wrote and he said, "notice she said 'hardcore thrifter'". I believe he thinks I need an intervention….but at least I'm in good company :)

  4. Love that chest so much. I'm scouring our CL for a pair of Empire chests similar to yours…hard to find! By the way, I think I saw that purple rug you mentioned last week in the 80% off group at RugsUSA. Thought you might want to check it out!

  5. Hi Jenny- first time posting here. I love your blog! I read it everyday and search the archives for ideas! So happy to find a posting on a Saturday (as you promised) and your Tiger Chest is gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful piece. And the styling here is beautiful, as always! I have a very similar vogue cover hanging in our guest bath. Looking forward to seeing your desk project!

  7. Tiger maple is the BOMB!
    Don't you love it when you're just poking around a store and you see something that makes your heart stop!?!?!

  8. Jenny, I was just noticing the black lampshade–is the inside painted partially gold? I'm trying to make out the pattern because it looks so pretty in that last photo. Did you blog about this at one point on lgn?

  9. I would guess maybe satinwood veneer? Looks a little like my chest of drawers from the thrift shop when I lived in NYC.

  10. I find smaller communities with lots of seniors are the best place to vintage/thrift hunt. When older folks downsize or pass away :( and they or their kids clean out things that have been in their closets or basements for 20 or 30 years, dropping everything off at the thrift store, that's a major score!

  11. I don't know why tiger maple has fallen out of favor – I love it too. And it looks so great as a contrast to gary, which is so trendy now, that you'd think we'd see more of it. What a wonderful score!

  12. That IS a beautiful piece but I must admit, I think I choked when I read the price on that chair! You need to drive upstate for a little shopping fun:) Just a few hours away you'd find many great finds for a portion of what they charge you in the city.
    I smiled when I saw that little turtle…he has a twin at a nice little thrift shop around the corner from me. I may have to go back and grab him(the only reason i didn't the 1st time was because I have a similar one that's a crab:)) Does the shell on yours open up?

  13. Funny … thrift sale prices in the greater Louisville, KY, area are decent, but the inventory is nothing like in NY. No Eames (even knock-offs), no tiger chests. Just junk. I guess the benefit of NYC is that there are people donating better things!

    That aside, I love the striations of the chest. Gorgeous. I've been wanting some burled wood, but a striation like that would work too!

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  15. Hi Jenny, the chest is gorgeous! A good price, too, for the quality. I love the lamp! I have searched and searched but cannot find a lampshade like that. Where do you find the hard shiny ones with the interior like yours?? Thanks!

  16. Ha, I kept passing by that pink chair in Housing Works and grimacing at it too… FWIW, there was a particularly awesome chandelier at Angel Street last week that I'm hoping someone very deserving picks up.

    This morning I went thrifting in the suburbs and threw myself on a mosaic-top Sputnik era coffee table, while begging my husband to let me buy it and not worry about the refinishing needed. When I got up to pay for it — $80 DOLLARS — the woman knocked off $20 because "it's been here for a while and the legs are wobbly". Yeah, that doesn't happen in the city.

  17. Well, I think the votes in for tiger eye maple! It is divine!
    Jenny, would you have the link for the mirror fronted/styled cupboard/armoire in the post.Did you do a special post on this!
    The chest of drawers has gone to a good home.
    Take care

  18. Wow, what a gorgeous find! I am a cabinetmaker, and antiques collector, and I can pretty confidently say that the veneer is a form of ribbon mahogany. If you do an image search, you will find mostly plain ribbon examples. It's sort of a combination of figured and striped (ribbon), and only occurs on certain trees (maybe one in a thousand?). It's truly spectacular wood. Here's an example of 3 ribbon boards, with one of the three with additional checking/figure like your dresser:

    It's hard to tell where it was made, but it's in a French style, and it's in great shape. I'm glad it's in the hands of someone who likes natural wood (rather than someone who would paint it: which I see OFTEN, and nearly cry).


  19. Well, I think the votes in for tiger eye maple! It is divine!
    Jenny, would you have the link for the mirror fronted/styled cupboard/armoire in the post.Did you do a special post on this!
    The chest of drawers has gone to a good home.
    Take care

  20. Omg. Where or how did I miss those fabulous silver(?) doors. Omg I'm in lure, as you say. Please do tell ALL. EVERY SINGLE DROP. THANKS

  21. love it. it does look to be tiger maple.
    hope it erases all bad memories of that tetanus inducing pink wire console. I'd want to get rid of that too. great score.

  22. Hi Jenny,Congrats on bringing this gorgeous beauty home. I love it. It reminds me somewhat of Victorian style furniture pieces. Also I love your blue ceramic pot too…adds up to a little Asian touch. Thanks and xo for sharing.

  23. Fantastic Jenny, what a lifetime piece.it is sooooo beautiful and looks great with that art nouveau poster and all your goodies. Fun, isn't it?
    xo Nancy

  24. This is gorgeous!!!!! I miss my trips to the Housing Works on the 9th in Hells Kitchen, but the one thing about Boston/suburbs is many more antique/consignment/second hand stores. Love the styling on the dresser too! I need something like this for my living room…..
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. It's just beautiful! And NYC is not the only place with outrageous thrift prices. I recently spotted an incomplete, no-name mid-century bedroom set in questionable condition for $1,400 – in a thrift shop here in Indianapolis! *SIGH* PS: So glad I'm not the only one with a lamp graveyard in the basement…

  26. OMG…..what a lovely piece…..so jealous here in SoCal, I have yet to find a good thrift store in my area. Dying to get to the flea market this weekend tho'. I need a chair so badly :(

  27. I bought a dresser for my kids' nursery a few weeks ago, and when I saw it I thought to myself, "I think this is something Jenny Komenda would buy; therefore, I will buy it." :) Turns out, I was right! It looks very similar to this one. Your blog and fantastic taste is wearing off on me. So, thanks for that.

    Happy Monday!


  28. I am loving these pops of warm wood you're starting to use. I personally think it's so elegant and grounding to have a wooden element in each room (much like the black rule). Great find!

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