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Vintage Moroccan Rag Rug

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Speaking of new rug purchases, I’ve started doing work again on the girls’ room lately. About a month or so ago I ran in to West Elm to pick up some things in the Market section (so good) and I saw two or three of these vintage Moroccan rag rugs from across the store.  Moroccan rugs of all varieties are always so expensive so I was thrilled to see these marked way, way down.

I love the texture to these rugs. You can often find them on eBay, but I loved that these had been completely cleaned. Not a speck of dust or a trace of musty odor on these.

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I was really taken with this one with the smaller pattern, but the size was too long for my girls room.
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So I ended up getting the wider, shorter rug with the bigger pattern, which turns out is perfect for impromptu games of hopscotch.

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I layered it on top of the Madeline Weinrib dhurrie I picked up two years ago (that probably is due for a professional cleaning – I spy a crayon mark here!), and I kind of like how the shapes in the two rugs play off each other. 
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The off-white color is actually a metallic silver. Love it :)

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I feel like this type of rug was just meant to be in a kids room, don’t you think? It’s soft and casual and charming. Also, when we forget to put Linus in his crate at night, he chooses to sleep here on the rug in front of the girls’ bunk beds. What a guy! Protects babies and enjoys a good Moroccan rug.
What did you think?
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15 thoughts on “Vintage Moroccan Rag Rug

  1. Hi! Found your blog recently on bloglovin and I'm now an avid follower. I'm originally from the Philippines and I grew up with rag rugs exactly like these ones you featured. Ours not only came as floor mats–we also had small ones as placemats and mitts. The Moroccan ones have an artwork pattern though whilst ours were rags randomly stitched together. The colours are not a far cry though. We have a culture of recycling or making do with available unused items lying around the house. I wish I'm back home now so I can take photos of it. Didn't realise it had Morrocan origins or maybe the other way around? :)

  2. Great find! I didn't realize West Elm sold these kinds of rugs. I have to say West Elm has been stepping up their game in the last couple of years.
    Love both rugs, but the smaller pattern one is more my style. I'll have to check my local West Elm to see if they are selling these as well!
    XO Quinn
    Quinn Cooper Style

  3. What a sweet, handsome treasure Linus is :) I'm so glad he has a good family!

    And I love the layered rugs. I have one rug on carpet in my daughter's room and it skids – do you use those liners in between them to keep them in place? Those never seem to work well for me.

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