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DIY Starry Ceiling (ala Osbourne and Little Coronata Star Wallpaper)

 photo LONNY9d8372cededc.jpeg

Kristen Davis, who is a really talented painter based in Atlanta (I’ve mentioned her before here and here), emailed me photos of this really beautiful nursery ceiling project she just finished. Her client wanted to put Osbourne and Little Coronata Star wallpaper on the ceiling in her baby’s nursery, but the commitment and expense was keeping the client from pulling the trigger.

 photo 3fdc3595-43db-4f68-8fa8-fd9dc8ed05c5_zps3c1307ef.jpg

Kristen came the rescue and stenciled the eight-pointed star pattern on the nursery ceiling, and it’s pretty much a dead-ringer for the original wallpaper.

 photo d1ed4a1e-ea91-4b1d-a284-7558636af1c1_zpseee60237.jpg
 photo b7c5cf27-96a9-4259-b674-3a04cfc486dd_zps7939673d.jpg
 photo 37E30EC1-25BC-4AE2-A0B9-48EA1487C8EA-412-000000D8D8E8F0FE_zps4b808ad5.jpg

Kristen gave a little how-to on her blog HERE. I really love how this project turned out!

 photo 7946672e-cf19-4a4e-b0f9-a75602a16cf6_zpsdf395357.jpg

Also, when I was searching for the Lonny images from the nursery Jamie did (at the very top of the post), I re-stumbled across this great project that Dina from Honey & Fitz posted a while back. She had a similar idea as Kristen, but used a Silhouette machine to cut out the stars on silver contact paper so she could just peel and stick.

 photo HoneyandFitzDIYStarryCeilingTutorial.jpg

More of Dina’s son’s beautiful nursery here.

 photo Honey-and-Fitz-Reeds-Nursery4.jpg


I think both methods are great options for a completely gorgeous look, don’t you? I’m crazy-obsessed with the night sky and would love to do my own version of a star ceiling in my girls’ room. A dark, dark blue ceiling with glow in the dark paint over gold paint for the stars would be so cool…

What did you think?
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21 thoughts on “DIY Starry Ceiling (ala Osbourne and Little Coronata Star Wallpaper)

  1. Yay! Thanks, Jenny :) And I, too, had a glow in the dark star ceiling growing up — great idea!

    oh! and I have already decided that I want to do this in a dark version in my own new house… stay tuned… :)

  2. I seriously LOVE this idea. So sweet. I agree with what Colleen said…I did this back in the 90's the old fashioned way with glow-in-the-dark stars. Didn't quite have the same effect though :)


  3. I love you Jenny!!! I was JUST looking at that wallpaper yesterday for my dining room. I really, really want this look.

    I don't know which method to use. It memorial day weekend and I got time. I'll share pictures when I get it knocked out.

  4. What timing! I'm in the middle of using the contact paper method to create a coronata star inspired wall in my daughter's room. Rather than the ceiling, I opted to add the stars to the back focal wall. I also opted for a larger, more in your face scale and I'm thrilled with the results so far! Unfortunately, I ran out of contact paper before the job was finished so I'm waiting for another roll to come in the mail. :/ I will be sure to post pics when I'm finished!
    Andrea |

  5. I have honestly had a homemade stencil and gold paint in the top of my little girls closet for a year now. With 5 starts painted on the ceiling, I am ashamed to say!!! A total unfinished project. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get it done. Looks beautiful!

  6. I used to have those stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars all over my bedroom ceiling, and would spend hours rearranging them! I think that a medium blue with gold stars would look beautiful on a ceiling, like you see in some European church entrances. I'm thinking of a particular one in Athens, the cathedral it is (upon a quick search!), which has them on the ceiling of the portico/porch at the entrance. This is a photo (just hosted on imgur) that I took last year:

    I'd love to do something like that.

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