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Hotel Bedding Source


A few of you asked where I got the three-lined embroidered hotel style bedding when I posted about our bedroom here.

 photo LGNHomeGoodsBedding.jpg
I found the duvet + pair of shams set at HomeGoods more than six months ago. There was only one package left when I bought mine, which I was bummed about. I totally would have bought an extra set to keep on hand. But! I stopped in to my local HomeGoods a couple days ago and they had more in stock in black and a couple other colors! I’m such a fan of this style of simple embroidered bedding and at $50 it’s a steal for the look and the quality.
 photo IMG_1435.jpg
PS They also had this (very popular) mirror back in the store! 
What did you think?
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15 thoughts on “Hotel Bedding Source

  1. love this bedding! what do you put inside the duvet? it doesn't look like a down comforter and i like the clean look.
    PS i also love your new living room rug and am waiting to hear it's in stock so i can get one too! you're a wealth of information!

  2. off the bedding topic, but can you widen the matte on that poor swan? He looks like he's bumping his head in a box! ;)

  3. Such a deal! Do you find it wrinkles at all? I'm starting out on my search for a new duvet cover, and I really want one that doesn't wrinkle in a moment's notice like ours does…

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