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New Favorite Color Combo: Burgundy and Hot Pink

I’m still riding the oxblood/burgundy trend train. I think the color is still so fresh.
 photo IMG_2354.jpg
I wish I had my good camera with me when I found these vases at an antique store. The color was so pretty. A gorgeous colorwash of oxblood, hot pink and cream. The vases were perfection, and I wanted them so bad for my bookshelves, but they were a little too pricey to buy on a whim. The color combo stuck though and I haven’t been able to get burgundy + bright pink out of my mind.
 photo IMG_2352.jpg
I fell in love with this rug all over again when I got home…
 photo IMG_2718.jpg
Couldn’t help but love this parrot tulip pairing at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
 photo IMG_2845.jpg
I got Michael a new tie from this Great Gatsby collection
 photo DSC_0370.jpg
And I’ve started dreaming up ways to include the combo in my work and my wardrobe…
 photo RitaKonigScreenShot2013-05-19atcopy.png
 photo ritakonigden-sofa-4e427014220f6copy.jpg
 photo 8009728124_966fa2f9b2_o.jpg
 photo cn_imagesizead100-miles-redd-room-h670.jpg
 photo Product_BJB00019_Image_1.jpeg
 photo rogerdaviesdesiretoinspire071612-06.jpg
 photo LulieSanchezScreenShot2013-05-19atcopy.png
 photo HallieBurton.png
 photo bengalbazaargraphiteandrosec3c001e6aad46391204684dfbb833bbd.jpg
What color combos are you obsessing over lately? 
What did you think?
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28 thoughts on “New Favorite Color Combo: Burgundy and Hot Pink

  1. We painted out sitting room 50% of BM's bouquet rose and purchased a red sofa for it over the summer. At first I hated it but have slowly changed my mind. This post sealed the deal!

  2. We painted out sitting room 50% of BM's bouquet rose and purchased a red sofa for it over the summer. At first I hated it but have slowly changed my mind. This post sealed the deal!

  3. Awesome! I am sure you will come up with something chic! Right now i am loving wood and magenta…..the purpleish pink tones down my raised panel kitchen cabinets.

  4. Great images! Very inspirational. I've been trying to find ways to add dashes of hot pink to some of my rooms. I'm also loving emerald green and hot pink together. Mint green and navy blue is another color combo I'm loving right now.

  5. This is funny because I kept thinking, I love that color combo so much! And then I looked around my living room and realized I have a burgundy & pink Ikat pillow and burgundy & pink Suzani curtains. duh me.
    I also love mint & coral right now.

  6. Love the colors in the rug! The color combo I really like is Poppy red and light teal blue. I have a skirt with this combo, it's a favorite.

  7. I'm obsessing over hot pink and orange lately. My last two paintings have been all about that combo. Pink and burgundy might be my next obsession.

  8. We're about to move into a new home and I'm trying to decide on a color scheme…right now I'm thinking about using light turquoise and dark purple with my usual palette of khakis and taupes.

  9. I remember your summer party last year and it was one of the first times I saw peach and burgundy since pictures of my aunt's 80s wedding. I love how fresh it feels today.

  10. This combo is perfect for outfits & interiors, love that the color burgundy can be transitioned into spring/summer! we're loving gray & yellow, black & tan, and orange & cream.


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  12. ok this is an old post and not sure if you will see this comment but I was searching for something and came across it, now I need to know what is that fabric on rita’s sofa?!! i am dying over it!!!

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