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Thinking About Kitchen Sinks


I’ve been making lists of projects I’d like to finish this year at the brownstone and I think it’s time to replace the counters in our small kitchen and change out the sink.

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I have some research to do here still, but I am completely intrigued by this only $300 IKEA almost farmhouse style apron sink.

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Most of these apron style sinks are under mount basins (which I really like for counter cleaning purposes). But I’m sort of digging the look of the fluted shelf/mini drainage area along the back of the sink.

 photo IMG_1547.jpg
 photo IMG_1549.jpg

Luckily, the dimensions of the double bowl are perfect for my existing cabinets (installation would require us to cut out the faux drawer front and that’s about it other than adding in some additional internal supports), but I’d need to get a new one-hole faucet to replace the bridge we have in there now.

 photo DSC_0109.jpg

I think something pretty modern like (and less expensive than?) this one would be a great mix with the style of the sink.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-07at115444PM.png

Do you have the Domsjo sink from IKEA? Thoughts on apron style sinks in general? Too played out? It’s pretty hard to beat that price tag though!

 photo IMG_1545.jpg
What did you think?
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85 thoughts on “Thinking About Kitchen Sinks

  1. I have the single bowl in the Ikea one and I LOVE it. We did somehow get one tiny chip in the bottom not long after we got it but haven't had another. I think I might have yelled loud enough that everyone learned they can't toss heavy stuff in the sink :) The chip is sort or beige/gray though so it is not really noticeable. It cleans like a dream! I wanted the double but when we got to the Ikea I realized they double looked huge and I was afraid I wouldn't have enough room since my dishwasher is right next to it. That's what I get for not measuring before making a 5 hour drive (although when we got home I realized it would have been fine.).

  2. I have had this sink for 4 years and love it! It has held up well and is a great value! I think an apron sink is classic and isn't at risk of being played out.

  3. We got a Kraus Stainless Steel apron front sink from two years ago. I love it! The huge single bowl hides all of my dishes until I am ready to wash them. The front still looks brand new, no scratches. It is a little more than the Ikea sink, but not much.

  4. I had an older version of a farmhouse sink (single bowl) from IKEA in my old condo, and I really liked it. I always tried to be cautious about scratching it – unsure of how big a risk that was. I always cleaned it with baking soda and it stayed a nice bright white – I loved not having the streaks and water spots of a stainless steel sink!

  5. We have this sink and I really like it. I was nervous about the grooves and the depth of the sink. The grooves really aren't that big of a deal and the depth doesn't bother me at all. I really like the width of each basin. I would defiantly get it again, I think it's a great sink for the price.

  6. We have this sink and I really like it. I was nervous about the grooves and the depth of the sink. The grooves really aren't that big of a deal and the depth doesn't bother me at all. I really like the width of each basin. I would defiantly get it again, I think it's a great sink for the price.

  7. I had this exact sink for many years. I loved it. The only thing that sometimes bugged me was that it got black marks in it really fast. I found that if I used soft scrub with bleach that I could get most of the marks out. Those I couldn't get out I decided were patina.
    Overall It was a great sink and I really enjoyed how deep and wide each side was. Great for doing dishes for a large family like mine. If I didn't like my current sink so much I would consider buying this sink again. And it is very inexpensive.

  8. I should also add that you do need a pull down spray faucet with this sink or it would be really hard to get it clean since it has such a flat bottom.

  9. We have a different brand apron sink. Didn't go with the Ikea one because it's a double (single is great for washing dogs and babies!) and it quite shallow. Just make sure the size works for you.

  10. We've had that exact sink on our list of things to buy for our new kitchen for a while. It's really great however, so is your brass-ish faucet. I'd keep looking for one that can handle your faucet. Another option, there's a great, black, granite/composite combo sink (by Kohler or Blanco maybe?)available at Home Depot. I think it's similar in price, completely different style but very cool. We've had it in our current house for the past 5 years and I absolutely love it for two reasons; 1, it doesn't show stains like stainless steel and 2, because we throw a lot of food in there to go down the garborater and you can't see those stains either which means if you're in a panic you don't have to clean it. Good luck with your search. I know whatever you choose will be fantastic!

  11. A friend has that Ikea sink and while it is gorgeous from a distance, it scratches and marks up so easily. She's very frustrated that she can't lay simple ceramic dishes in the sink without the dishes leaving marks all over the bottom of the sink. Her experience has swayed me over to just getting a stainless steel undermount. It sure is pretty though…

  12. So happy I read these comments. Good to know that the Ikea sink has hidden optional holes that can be drilled out for bridge faucets!

    I've had many kinds of sinks and the porcelains are by far my favorite. They are really easy to keep looking good, you just have to use the right products. In fact, I think they stay looking much better than stainless, which has to be meticulously maintained, polished and dried to actually look nice (IMO). I keep a very weak solution of water and bleach near my sink which I spray whenever it needs a little brightening. It does the trick effortlessly and sterilizes it too. Barkeeps Friend gets rid of those little dark marks that pans make, and if you ever do get a rust spot, I have a bottle of "rust remover" that you can buy at home depot and elsewhere that makes rust stains vanish instantly. It just takes a tiny bit, so a bottle lasts for years. Not to mention, I've saved all kinds of clothing, etc. because of the rust remover. Anyway, there's nothing like a big white farmhouse sink, in my book.

  13. I should add, re: the Rust Remover. It can't be used on metal, so if you've got rust in a stainless sink (it does happen), don't rush out and get this product for that. It ruins the finish. Everything else, it works great on.

  14. I agree with those saying it'd be tragic to let go of that faucet! It looks amazing in that space.

    No experience with the Ikea sink, but I do have a lovely white sink that stains really easily and is hard to keep looking bright and clean.

  15. We have had this sink since 2006 when we bought our house and renovated our kitchen. I love it and have no issues keeping the ridged back part clean. I wipe it down a few times a day with a dry towel. I rarely have to clean it. It will hold water in it if allowed to sit and can collect grime if you aren't drying the water. You can't keep, say, anything metal on it for that reason. But I just put my hand soap back there and my cleaning supplies underneath. The sink looks great in our white kitchen w/ dark countertops and every new visitor to our house remarks on it. We haven't had any chipping or staining in it either and we cook. A lot.

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  18. My husband talked me into the IKEA sink and we LOVE it. The grooves are a little annoying, but we have a pull out facet, so combined with some cleanser, it's not really a big deal. We've received tons of compliments on it when people visit. Friends of ours paid three times that amount for their farmhouse sink; however, ours is holding up much better.

  19. We have the lovely lovely single bowl version, and honestly we love it. I don't know about staining and scratching. Ikea also sells a great faucet to go with it, one with an extendible arm, so it's really easy to clean the corners. Could only recommend it!

  20. Just put in a white apron sink ( lucky enough to get a great price on a shaws) and I love it. Although I like the ikea version… not sure if the divider down the middle is for me.. you can hide..oops fit so much in the big bowl of the shaws. I thought Ikea made one w/out the divider but I'l probably mistaken….

  21. I have the IKEA farm house sink. I love it. How do any of you keep the groves clean? I see yellowing asumming it’s hard water build up. I’m scared to use hard cleaners for fear I will damage my chrome faucet.

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