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Hello, Phoenix!


Whew – what a weekend! We made it to Arizona, exhausted and so happy. The brownstone was packed and our boxes were loaded with about five minutes left to say our goodbyes to the house and take a breath before we had to leave for the airport. We’re about 48 hours in and so far, I’m feeling great. Maybe it’s easier to close big life chapters without those lingering goodbyes?

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We officially closed on the Valley house about 15 minutes ago (HOORAY), so the renovating adventures begin bright and early tomorrow morning! Can’t wait.

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25 thoughts on “Hello, Phoenix!

  1. So happy for you all! You'll enjoy so many things about living in AZ. We moved quite a bit while our kids were growing up and they said later that they feel they grew a lot through the experiences, becoming much more adaptable and outgoing. Thanks for sharing your blog with us all. :)

  2. Congrats! I'm a reader from Phoenix, so welcome! @Gwen, moving in a snowstorm would be quite horrible – but I can't say it's any worse than moving in the heat. Think sauna and that's summers in Phoenix!

  3. Congratulations Jenny , I live In phoenix too ! I can't wait to see what treasure troves you unravel while decorating your house ! My part of the city doesn't have great stores .

  4. Glad your on this side of the world now! Sounds like everything went smoothly, or as smoothly as a cross country move could go.

    Can't wait for the updates!


  5. Wow…..whatever those "comments" are above that arrived at the same time….guess you'll have a job getting them out of your allowed inbox. Hope it's not too much trouble for you to spam them. (Can't imagine why they'd think that's effective "marketing".)

  6. yeah, congrats!! I cant WAIT to see what you do with that place, you have quite the project list and I know its going to be perfect!

  7. How exciting Jenny. New beginnings are always a fabulous thing and how exciting for us to have so much design fun to look forward to.

    Rest up and have fun!


  8. Congratulations on a big move. I too, am really looking forward to your renovations, changes and sense of style in your new home!

  9. I can't wait for you to blog about new places to find great stuff here in Phoenix! I work long hours in an office with little time to putter around this great town, so I depend on bloggers to let me know what's out there. Welcome!

  10. Sorry you are moving when it is so stinking HOT! UGH! The weather has been hard on me the last couple of days and today? It's not fair that it is so hot and HUMID. Glad I'm taking off for the coast in the morning.


  11. Congratulations on your home purchase and cross-country move! I've been following you for years and can't wait to see all of your changes take place at the "Valley House." Honor the years you spent out East and drink in the new time you have among family. It's a new chapter that you're getting to write with your family–how exciting! So glad you're safe.

  12. Congrats, Jenny! I'm sitting in a sea of moving boxes myself and was wondering if you have any plans to post about the act of moving, before the fun stuff like decorating starts. We move A LOT, always with professional movers, but it's always such a pain. Surely, you've figured out a way to make it more civilized. If so, would you share? Thanks!

  13. So cool that your're here!! I live in Phoenix too! We should totally meet up we have a big blogging community here:0) Is that weird? Ok, so sorry! But this is SO cool!!! xoxo

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