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On Painting Floors


I never got around to posting about this before, but I painted the faux saltillo tiles in our tiny kitchen in Brooklyn and it held up so well for the year that we were there. (You can see the checkerboard pattern I did peeking out here). As we started to demo the ceramic tile and the wood in the Valley house I was so tempted to take out all the brick at the same time and just live with raw concrete until we tackle the kitchens and the bathrooms over the next year or two.

 photo IMG_4532.jpg

But then I decided to paint the floors in the laundry room on a whim and I actually liked the look. The pavers take paint so well!

 photo dDSC_0362.jpg
 photo IMG_4365.jpg

This time though I painted the grout lines so it would look like the tiles were enameled or something and not just like the brick tile floor got a coat of paint.

 photo aDSC_0516.jpg

I used Benjamin Moore’s Advanced line in the laundry room. It’s a water-based alkyd paint that wears so much like oil-based does. I love it. In the brownstone kitchen, I used an oil-based porch and floor paint and decided to go that route again in our kitchen here at the Valley house. It’s fumey and it takes forever to dry, but I know that it will wear the very best of all my paint options. My kids are up at my parents house for the week so I’m taking advantage of their absence to do the floors.

 photo IMG_4440.jpg

I think depending on your floor surface, it’s always a good idea to sand and possibly to also prime, especially if you’re drastically changing colors. I used a strong cleaner called TSP to sort of do a mini strip on the sealer on the brick. I did the same thing in the brownstone and it worked like a charm – no need to prime. If you clean the floors really well and use the right type of paint, it’s hard to mess the rest of it up! Pretty simple.

 photo IMG_4508.jpg
 photo ffDSC_0609.jpg

I purchased this this little square brush by Zibra (I guess it’s meant for painting mouldings?), thinking that the shape would help with getting the rectangles filled in accurately and quickly. I usually just buy those $5 stubby two-inch angled brushes, but woah, there’s a new kid on the block! I am in love. This thing is amazingly easy to control and there’s a hollow-ish center, so it holds an awesome amount of paint. It is making the floors an absolute pleasure to paint. Seriously! It’s like coloring  – so relaxing. :) I haven’t used it on furniture yet, but I have a feeling this brush will become a staple in my DIY arsenal.

 photo IMG_4363.jpg

I’ve got a first coat down on a good 3/4 of the brick pavers in the kitchen and mudroom. I’m hoping to finish up today and give everything a light touch up coat early tomorrow morning so the paint will be fully cured by the time our movers come on Saturday. Can I tell you how excited I am to have my stuff again!? Granted, a lot of it will be in the garage for another two weeks until the wood floors are getting installed, but at least our things will be somewhat accessible. So, so excited!

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  1. I've been eyeing that same brush! I'll have to grab one now that I've read an actual review on it. I'm loving the pattern you picked too – you have me thinking of a pattern for our concrete floors now!

  2. Hey, it says in your post that you painted the grout lines "This time though I painted the grout lines so it would look like the tiles were enameled or something and not just like the brick tile floor got a coat of paint."

    I think you mean you didn't paint them?! I love the pattern and color choices, they're amazing.. but I think the grout lines look dirty compare to the rest of the space.

    You did an amazing job though, I love your work and you are a great inspiration! Keep it up :)

  3. I absolutely love that you painted the floors! It makes them look so intentional; like part of the design plan instead of something you had to work with on a budget. Thanks for sharing the how to!

  4. I've had that brush for a couple years and it is my favorite painting tool ever. It's perfect for cutting in around doors and corners and around the ceiling because it holds its shape so well.

  5. I love BM Advanced. It has changed my painting life. Glad to see you endorsing it :) Floors look great. I might try to paint some of my floors now. So far I've only painted cabinets and furniture.

  6. If you get a chance, would you mind saying whether you sealed the floors after painting? It sounded from the post like it wasn't necessary with the paint you're using, but I'd love to know. Good luck with the kitchen floors!

  7. I can't get past the dirty grout lines. If those had a fresh coat of white grout, the whole room would look TONS fresher.

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  9. The floors lok so much better! I can't wait to see the whole house come together! Just a quick tip that I like to use to clean up grout lines without having to re-grout; sanding block. You just give the grout line a few scuffs and remove the top layer and then you can reseal it. Saves so much time. You just have to be careful not to apply too much pressure.

  10. Jenny, I have a question about mixing hardware finishes. We're re-doing our 1930 rowhome's kitchen and renovating the windows which have brass pulls. I was thinking about (subtle) brass for the rest of the fixtures–ceiling fan, cabinet pulls, pendant lamp, faucet–but it's hard to find the right brass finish (or sometimes any brass finish) in all of these genres. Any tips on how to mix or is that extremely challenging to do without looking too mis-matched? Thanks.

    1. I think your husband should learn to ride asap! Decisions, deo08icns&#s23i; I can’t help you here, but both perfumes are ideally suited for cooler weather, so maybe it won’t be so bad to wait until they reach the US.

  11. The painted floor looks great – I love the idea. For color inspiration check out the Color911 app for instant help with color choices – I highly recommend it!

  12. Curious how the floors have held up. I have brick floors that I don’t like the red color and have been wanting to paint them. Multiple decorators told me not to as they say the paint will chip and become a nightmare so I’ve been afraid to. Have you had any issues, and did you seal after you painted?

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