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The Laundry Room Redo – and $5000++ Laundry Room Re-Design Give Away!!

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I am so excited to start posting ‘after’ photos here again! The house tour was fun and all, but I could really use some pretty in my life again. :)

I teamed up with The Home Depot, Maytag and Tide to celebrate a summer promotion where if before August 2 you buy a select Maytag washer and a 150 oz bottle of Tide, you’ll get a $100 Mastercard gift card. My part of the celebration is sharing my laundry room redo along with my best tips on renovating a laundry room on a budget. The extra exciting part is The Home Depot, Maytag and Tide are giving away a Maytag washer and dryer and year’s supply of Tide HD that comes with a laundry room design plan courtesy of yours truly, AND, wait for it… $5,000 to do it with! So fun, right?

 photo Decoupage1.jpg

But first, I want to show you what Michael and I were able to do on a tight budget in our sad, green checkered laundry room.

 photo Before3.jpg

Paint, to the rescue!

 photo copyLR2.jpg

Much, much more after the jump…

 photo Paintingcabsandfloors.jpg

I was tempted to start from scratch in here. But when it was time to figure out a budget for this room redo we were also picking out floor$ and front door$, so I was like, yeah… you know what, we’re going to just paint everything in here and see what happens. :)

 photo PaintedCabcloseup.jpg

The walls were painted Benjamin Moore’s Cashmere Gray (one of my favorites – it’s a soft green-blue gray) and the floors were painted two and three shades darker on the same card. I think keeping the paint colors in the same color family helped the floors to not look so crazytown. I used water-based alkyd paint on the floors which holds up as well as oil-based paint, but dries lightyears faster and is a breeze to clean in comparison.

 photo IMG_4533copy.jpg
Kind of looks like a stripey ikat right? So much better than the before.
 photo dDSC_0362.jpg

Other things that were painted in the room besides the walls and floors? The ceiling fan (just white spray paint!), the cabinets (Ben Moore’s White Dove in semi gloss), the mis-matched new hardware (three cheers for gold spray paint!), the IKEA woven baskets (spray painted tomato red!) and the new light fixture above the window (made the green line on the globes with green nail polish!).

 photo LR1.jpg

 photo DSC_0432.jpg

 photo DSC_0413.jpg

We purchased a few new things for the room to make it more functional. I found the pull-out spray faucet for a great price on eBay and let me tell you – it is changing my life to have a deep utility sink and a really amazing faucet in my laundry room! :)

 photo LR3.jpg

The sad before:

 photo DSC_0348.jpg

I wasn’t sure about keeping this sink (was really wanting to put in that IKEA apron front that I’ve been eyeing) until we had to pull it out to replace the faucet. This thing is quality. It weighs about a million pounds (cast iron) and it is extra, extra deep. It’s perfect for projects and it cleaned up really well with a little Bar Keeper’s Friend.

 photo fDSC_0364.jpg

There wasn’t really a space to add a hanging bar in here, and seriously who doesn’t love a rolling laundry cart? So when I stumbled across this laundry butler online that was exactly counter depth, it was a no-brainer purchase.

 photo Cart.jpg

You can see here above how we opted to take off the doors on part of the upper cabinets. Here’s what the uppers looked like before:

 photo dDSC_0355.jpg

My sweet and totally ripped sister, Ali, basically karate chopped her way through the bottom shelf so we could get it out of the cabinet frame. True sisterly love right there.

 photo ddDSC_0406.jpg

Once the doors were off and the bottom shelf was out, we could fill the holes and sand the imperfections and then touch up the paint. I discovered my new favorite putty/patching compound in the process, which was a sweet little reward. It’s really good stuff:

 photo IMG_4272.jpg

 photo IMG_4296.jpg

We added a little furring strip to the bottom of the cabinet and to the fronts of the top shelf to finish off the edges. This helped the shelf look SO much better.

 photo IMG_4301.jpg

We also painted the backs of the shelf the color of the wall. I think between that and the addition of the furring strips, the cabinet started to look like a wall shelf instead of uppers without their doors.

 photo Baskets3.jpg

 photo Baskets2.jpg

We added a furring strip to the bottom of the upper cabinets on the other side of the room too, just to help finish those off as well. I wish we could have replace those doors so much, but I think the white paint helps clean them up a lot and they’re not so, so country now. Compromises for the budget! :)

 photo Foldingstation.jpg

I also had a piece of MDF cut to fit the top of the new Maytag appliances for a make-shift folding station. Someday, I’d love to get a piece of remnant stone cut to fit, but the wood works well for now. No baby socks falling behind the dryer in this house!

 photo LR4.jpg

In the upper cabinets above the appliances, I modpodged the backs with neon gift wrap from Homegoods (the best place to buy wrapping paper IMHO).

 photo Decoupage2.jpg

I also added cork tiles to the insides of the doors for pinning up little reminders and momentos that make me smile while I’m reaching for the detergent.

 photo Decoupage3.jpg

 photo IMG_4535.jpg

I needed some cheap wall art in the room so I did my $4 print trick using a quirky image I found online of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.

 photo copyLR2.jpg

I also made a sunburst-esque mirror out of laundry clips from IKEA that I thought turned out pretty cute. The arc lamp is from Homegoods. I found that little chair at Goodwill for $15 and reupholstered it in some Dwell Studio fabric from Home Fabrics in Mesa that was about $7/yd. Love that store so much.

 photo Mirror.jpg

 photo IMG_4451.jpg

I think my favorite project in the room has to be the new countertops though. We used a concrete product called Ardex Feather Finish to resurface the old laminate. I’m excited to share the tutorial!

 photo Cart2.jpg

The concrete made the room feel instantly more modern.

 photo fDSC_0372.jpg

 photo Before4.jpg

 photo copyLR2.jpg
Feel free to check out all my tips here and to ask questions in the comments section, but I’ll be posting some of the tutorials from this room soon. I wish I could have put more details here, but this post is already monster-sized. :) And now for the exciting part:
Maytag, Tide and The Home Depot are giving away a new washer/dryer set like the set I have below (which I am honestly LOVING, by the way), including a full year’s supply of Tide’s HE laundry detergent. They are also giving away a $5,000 Mastercard gift card for your laundry room redo, which I will help the winner design (and then feature the plan here on LGN)!
To enter, visit the contest site here. Ten additional winners will receive a year’s supply of Tide HE detergent, so chances of winning something are looking good! :)
 photo Foldingstation.jpg

This post was brought to you by The Home Depot, Tide HE and Maytag. Thank you for supporting LGN sponsors!
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193 thoughts on “The Laundry Room Redo – and $5000++ Laundry Room Re-Design Give Away!!

  1. I think I read through this post like 5 times each time just in awe! Its absolutely incredible!!!

    this may be a dumb question, but did you remove the green checkerboard wallpaper first or did you just paint over it?

    looks amazing!!!

  2. Your update looks so awesome! This gives me so much hope for my own sad, sad laundry room. I know you'll be doing a post for resurfacing the laminate counters but I just can't wait to ask. Do you think something like this will hold up in a kitchen??? This may work well for my "Lipstick On A Pig" budget I've got going on in my home. Great job, Jenny!

  3. Holy crap, it's all so amazing. I love that you did this on a budget since my husband and I have a lot of upgrades we'd love to make on our new house, but we've run out of dollahs to spend.

  4. jenny , its beautiful , I dislike doing laundry , but would love to spend my time in there and surely will enjoy doing laundry. A question about the lamp … have you purchased it in homegoods recently ? I have been searching high and low for something like it.

  5. AHmazing! I've always rolled my eyes at laundry room re-dos but this is SUCH a transformation from bad to good! It is totally merited.

    I really hope that you post a tutorial on painting the floor. I have ceramic tiles in my kitchen and living room (beautiful wood floors in the rest of the house) and I have no budget to replace them. I'd be satisfied with a black and white check design, but I haven't been able to find any information on painting floor tiles.

  6. Oozing inspiration! We just bought our first house (which is turning into more of a fixer upper than we thought it would be!) and our laundry "station" is a sad little corner of our filthy garage. It needs 911 design help, thanks for motivating me!

  7. I too am excited to see the countertop tutorial! I will be interested to hear if it is something that could be done in the kitchen. We are hoping to sell our house and we are already losing money on it, so anything that can modernize on the cheap is especially appealing to me!!

  8. A. MA. ZING.

    Painting the brick floors was a stroke of genius! I also love the red baskets!

    You did SO well. Especially on a small budget and in so little time!

    You're awesome, Jenny!

    Annie XO

  9. Jenny, I have been looking forward to this all week, and as expected you did not disappoint! You killed it! Awesome, awesome job. So inspiring for those of us on a budget! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the place.

  10. This is unbelievable. My jaw dropped. The floor paint pattern is inspired. When on earth have you had time to do all this?! There are a ton of projects in this room! Love it!

  11. Get out of town. Not only am I loving your laundry room (it makes me actually want to do laundry), but I was just looking at a new washer and dryer since we bought ours right after we got married. They are a-shakin' and a-creakin'.

    Go Mesa Fabrics. (and btw, I can't wait to see what you do with easy access to SAS and all that vintage trim!)

  12. This looks fabulous. You are totally inspiring me to make some small but significant changes in my laundry room–starting with a board across my washer and dryer as a placeholder for the folding station I want eventually!

  13. I really wont to try the arced feather finish concrete product and look forward to the tutorial. Very smart idea on the corkboard and clothespin. I have a 1980 washer/ dryer and that Maytag well I can only say much deserved. I have an 1960 bradybunch house bought 2 years ago and I follow your blog. Homegoods paper is nice. amazing ideas! Congrats on the baby! Many blessings

  14. I really wont to try the arced feather finish concrete product and look forward to the tutorial. Very smart idea on the corkboard and clothespin. I have a 1980 washer/ dryer and that Maytag well I can only say much deserved. I have an 1960 bradybunch house bought 2 years ago and I follow your blog. Homegoods paper is nice. amazing ideas! Congrats on the baby! Many blessings

  15. Very beautiful update! I know I'm going to get flack for this, but that print is a Philippe Halsman. I'm surprised Kinko's would print something for you that's copyrighted.

  16. what you did with the tile floor surprised me the most! A really great solution and you won't feel guilty ripping it out in the future if you ever change your mind.

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