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DIY Marbling Light Plates


This weekend’s give away is a great one. Legrand is expanding its North American presence and has a wonderful line called adorne, featuring truly beautiful and well-designed light switches and wall plates. It amazing how doing something as simple as swapping out a light switch and plate for something special can really elevate a room. Design is in the details!

 photo aDSC_0454.jpg

For our mudroom, I chose to replace our old school double toggle switch with a double sofTap switch. You can choose other switches that operate with motion sensors (walking by or waving your hand in front of the switch), whisper switches, dimmers, remotely-controlled smart switches – they’ve thought of everything. I liked the extra clean look of the sofTap and I love that there’s a tiny little light that very softly illuminates the switches when they’re off, which is shockingly helpful for supporting my midnight snack habit.

 photo wallplates.jpg

They’ve also covered the gamut of wall plate possibilities (above). You can go glossy modern (like the white I have in this post), mirrored, metallic, leather, all sorts of colors, or the customizable option I used here in the mudroom. That option comes with a paper mat template that you can use for wallpaper or any art project you want to create. (The tutorial for the marbled paper is after the jump.)

 photo DSC_0499.jpg photo aaDSC_0584.jpg

To enter to win a $200 shopping spree with adorne, visit the site and choose your favorite switch and wall plate combos. (PS This video really helps the switched come to life – worth a watch!) Leave a comment on this post with your choices and where you’ll use your new switches. Contest ends Friday August 16 at midnight. Winner will be emailed. Good luck!!

 photo aDSC_0431.jpg

And don’t forget to click through for the marbling tutorial…
I’ve been dying to try a marbled paper DIY for a really long time. I LOVE marbleized anything so this felt like a natural choice for my customized wall plate.

You’ll need: a variety of nail polish colors (try the dollar store or CVS is having a 2 for $3 sale right now on some brands), water, a disposable container that’s bigger than the paper or item that you’re marbling, a toothpick or anything long and pointy (I used a long screw because our toothpicks are still packed away :)), paper or whatever you want to marble and a place to dry the items (I used a drop cloth). Also, you might want gloves, as my messy hands below will demonstrate.

 photo aDSC_0491.jpg

By the way, I think most anything can be marbled with nail polish – the possibilities are pretty endless. Flower pots and vases, finger nails (obvs), picture frames,  jewelry boxes, chair legs. There are lots of tutorials floating around the web that show all sort of cool ideas. I loved this one on Design Mom.

So, to start, fill your container with a bit of water. If you’re marbling paper, you’ll only need about an inch of water.

Take off all the lids to your nail polish to make the process go faster. You’ll need to work pretty fast so that the polish doesn’t start drying.

 photo aDSC_0510.jpg

Pour your colors in rings, one on top of the other. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Just pick colors and pour. If you pour slowly, the nail polish shouldn’t sink.

 photo DSC_0503.jpg
 photo aDSC_0512.jpg

After pouring your rings, use a toothpick (or a screw) to pull the color. You’re not mixing it – you’re just going to move the colors around gingerly. Don’t over-swirl and don’t take too much time to do it.

 photo aDSC_0517.jpg

Then drop your paper onto the pattern, press softly to make sure the surfaces fully connect, and then pull off the paper and flip it around quickly but carefully to make sure the paint doesn’t run. And then put it down to dry on your drop cloth.

 photo aaDSC_0518.jpg
It will be a little wet at first, but it dries quickly.
 photo aDSC_0522-1.jpg

Now, don’t swirl again – the new pattern will be soft and completely lovely, so just get your next paper ready and dip it. I got at least three dips from each round of pouring. And I usually ended up liking the second or third papers the very best. The paint will be thinner and more dreamy-looking.

 photo aaDSC_0521.jpg
 photo aDSC_0531.jpg

I ended up doing three or four rounds of paint pouring (I’m swimming in marbled paper if anyone wants any:) ), but these were the ones I like the best for the switch/wall plate application. I had to pick ones that had more interesting perimeters since the middle was going to get cut out for the switches.

 photo aDSC_0535.jpg
 photo DSC_0543-1.jpg
 photo aaDSC_0548.jpg
 photo aDSC_0551-1.jpg

I ended up going with a darker pattern because I liked how it looked with the wall color.

The customizable wall plate comes with a paper template that I used to trace out the hole for the switch.

 photo aDSC_0569.jpg

You just remove the sticker on the plate to expose the adhesive and then place your art paper.

 photo aDSC_0579.jpg
And then I used a razor blade to make the edges fit perfectly.
 photo aaDSC_0584.jpg

I really love how the wall plate turned out. It looks so pretty with the orange chairs. :)

 photo aDSC_0573.jpg

The finish on the papered plate is actually pretty solid because nail polish is an enamel (and this was a first-dip paper – so there’s lots of polish on there), but I might paint on a clear coat later if I feel like it needs it.

 photo aDSC_0431.jpg

Now, go enter the give away and make your own marbled wall plates! :)
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192 thoughts on “DIY Marbling Light Plates

  1. The timing on this would be PERFECT. We are building a home right now and I would so love to replace the standard light switches with these beauties. I'd likely choose the satin nickel with the sofTap switches for a couple of rooms and, since custom is practically my middle name (seriously – everything in my life has to be custom…I'm so difficult to please!)I would have to do the custom plates with the sofTap dimmers in the bedrooms. Pretty please, pick me!!

  2. The timing on this is great! I was just looking at the switch plates in my bathroom (both toggle and outlet) wondering why I didn't replace them when I redid the bathroom and that I need to call Kyletheelectrician (hotty!). I would go gloss white 2-gang wall plate with two paddle dimmers.

    1. Ya know what, YouTube Team, you had BETTER start shaping up soon or else I'm just going to close my account and go to Veoh, another video sharing site, which has MUCH less spammers, trolls, and hackers. Oh, and less uneasncsery updates.

    2. At expressway speeds any head-on or crash into a stopped vehicle easily ends up gruesome. Moral. Drive rested. Allow time to drive defensively.I’d still take the bus for distance like KL to Melaka or Singapore…

    3. I wish I had a “Don’t touch that dial” poster. I remember there always being one hanging up behind the printers in the union computer lab, and it always made me smile

  3. Customizable in magnesium trim with soft touch (or whisper). I usually wish my plates would disappear, but these guys have me rethinking my position (wenge?)

  4. I would use the sofTap dimmer and the paddle switches with the Antique Nickel and Custom wall plates in the little hallway between my kitchen and den that has 7 switches in that little space.

  5. I NEED the remote control switch for my Hollywood closet. My husband changed the swing of the door, which totally makes sense for the room but the light switch is now behind the door! I would choose the high gloss white remote switch. What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  6. Mirror white, 2-gang wall plate with wireless touch dimmer. This would be great in my living room so I don't have to get off the couch to turn down the lights during movie night.

  7. Love your marbled project! I'd like to try my hand at that, but I also love the clean look of the glossy white with the soft touch switch. The details do matter!

  8. Jenny – you are a fantastic resource. Keep up the great blogging. I love finding brands I wouldn't normally find on my own through you. Legrand is ideal for a few problem areas in my home. One being my son's room. I'd use the "timed off switch" set to 10 because he tends to forget to shut it off alot….I love the 1 gang wall plates in magnesium and turquoise and the wave switch would be handy for my basement switch when I head down with baskets of laundry.

  9. We just bought and moved into a new home (yay!!) and every light switch needs to be replaced (boo!). I love the Antique Nickel or Bronze with the wave switches. So pretty!!

  10. I am obsessed with the Adorne Collection! I am buying one piece each month. I like the paddle switch with the beige wall plate and I love the night light! Your creativity is impressive!

    1. Hi paisley! I sense I took you a little off guard. I have been wanting to publish stories and will be rellyarug. Too much reality can dry you up. One a week from now on!Thanks so much

  11. I love the ones with the nickel finish. I have all different wall plates/switches throughout our new house. One is wooden, a bunch are yellowed, one has little girl wall paper on it. I'd love to have sleek, consistent plates, switches, and outlets.

  12. Loving the squared shape of their plate openings! How modern and refreshing. Favorites are (and I will be showing this to friends in the design space!): Soft Touch Felt Green, 1-Gang Wall Plate & just the basic paddle and soft-touch switches… oh and btw the TradeMaster USB Charger with receptacle would be great for my office!

  13. Whoa! One of the most unique things I've seen in a long time! Really like the sofTap Switchs, a Paddle Fan Speed controller would be SO cool! Great product, beautiful art, just lovely!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  14. Whoa! One of the most unique things I've seen in a long time! Really like the sofTap Switchs, a Paddle Fan Speed controller would be SO cool! Great product, beautiful art, just lovely!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  15. Hi, Jenny! We just moved our little family into our dream fixer-upper of a house and light switches definitely need some updating! I would go for the softap with glossy white in most rooms, but I would love to try your marbleing DIY in the bathrooms and the foyer :)

  16. So hard to choose! Would do the magnesium soft tap with dimmer in the dining room with the custom wallplate with magnesium trim. Would do the stainless steel wallplates for the kitchen with magnesium soft taps. Would do the mirror white wallplates and white soft taps for our upstairs and downstairs hallways. We took on a fixer upper – – – there's no end to the projects!

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