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Painted Desk Accessories (Including Gold Scissors!)

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I love small DIY projects because they can usually come together quickly and simply and they really solve some design problems in a pinch. My favorite projects usually happen right before a party or a photo shoot in a last minute spurt of creative energy. For my little desk redo, I wanted some shiny and bright accessories and there was no way I wanted to spend a penny on any of that.
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Well, I ended up spending a couple pennies (about 60 I think) to pick up these neon acrylics paints. And using the rest of my new favorite gold spray paint and some things I already had on hand, I got just what I wanted – bright, colorful and unique desk accessories.


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Here’s the how-to…

I got this glass footed bowl for the laundry room redo a while back and never used it. I think I bought it on clearance at Homegoods for about $4.

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I thought the shape would make a perfect shallow planter. If I wanted to use this as a bowl for keys or jewelry or whatever, I would have used a paint made specifically for use on glass (Porcelaine is a great one). But since I planned to just fill this up with soil and plants, no need for anything more than cheap craft paint.
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I poured in a bunch of the paint, brushed it up toward the rim and then let it sit.
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The paint dripped back down onto the thinner layer and created a cool, glazed effect. I like how different it looks, but if you want to paint just a single layer of paint on glassware that works too.
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And that’s actually what I did with this little cut glass tumbler. I painted the inside with two coats of the neon yellow acrylic and let it dry outside for a good day to let the thick paint really cure.
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I’ve been using it as a pencil cup and I love the dimensional look of the paint on the inside of the glass.
 photo zDSC_0646.jpg

And didn’t those cheapie plastic-handled scissors take paint so well? If you want, you can tape off the blade, but I just sprayed right over it (I didn’t spray the insides of the blades though – they sat in the closed position the whole time I was spraying).
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I sprayed a clear lacquer coat on these too and I think they’ll continue to hold up well. No chips after a few weeks of use.
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It’s so fun to see how a little paint can transform the simplest items. The details really do make a big difference. Before I painted that footed glass bowl pink, the sparkling version of the desk area was really bland. The pop of color made all the difference. And how long would I have had to search online and in stores to find a bright pink bowl (and how much would I have had to spend on it?). Sometimes you just have to make it if you want it.
What did you think?
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26 thoughts on “Painted Desk Accessories (Including Gold Scissors!)

  1. I so look forward to your posts every day! Thank you for these great ideas, which are helping me get back into my craft groove. You're wonderful!

  2. I am awed by your bigger projects, but appreciate the smaller ones, too, because those are the ones I actually have time to do! I find myself eying objects around the house these days, trying to find something – anything! – to spraypaint into Jenny-inspired genius :)

  3. That bowl really did pop. I noticed it right away and thought it was so cute! This is great because I can often find clear versions of what I want at thrift stores and Ross/Marshalls.

    OOOO! I'm thinking of some FUN Halloween decorations using this technique…

  4. Hi, just found your blog and I am so excited and inspired by your projects! Can't wait to see the house make-over! Hugs from Sweden

  5. Jenny, you are nothing less than a genius. Thank you for sharing your know how on these little projects with us. My budget will be pretty limited for the next few years while my husband is still a resident, so these are the sorts of things I can do for our home.

  6. wow you are really talented!how you have time to not sweat the small stuff and yet really create along the way…you never seem to get stuck!
    thx for keeping it so real as i'm sure life cannot feel real organized right now… but you are like the energizer bunny, you keep going and going… inspiring!

  7. I just read your post from 2011 called Blogging as a Career. Thank you for being so generous with your advice. I am new to blogging and I really appreciate the helpful nature of this community! BTW…LOVE the pink bowl!

  8. i love your blog, each day i am reading it
    you are so amazing with small budget, everything look so cool
    thank you for sharing with us.
    have a good day
    from brigitte a french woman lost in Michigan

  9. i love your blog, each day i am reading it
    you are so amazing with small budget, everything look so cool
    thank you for sharing with us.
    have a good day
    from brigitte a french woman lost in Michigan

  10. I absolutely love these simple DIYs you incorporated – so simple and so smart! I have really been loving everything you are doing with your new home. Such great DIY inspiration!

  11. Love your blog, it is a special treat for me each morning! Is that the IKEA desk lamp I spy? I have the same one on my desk at work, but yours is a gorgeous chrome on the base and lamp shade! Is this just spray paint in metallic silver? How does that pair with the heat of the lamp? Keep up the great work on your beautiful home!

  12. I am a longtime follower, and I love your blog more than ever. You have the most innovative ideas that aren't too "crafty" looking. I haven't found any other design/DIY blogger that I like near as much. This whole desk makeover series was amazing! Thank you for continuing to share your talents.

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