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Spray Painted Jewelry Box


I love it when a little spray paint can breathe new life into a old piece of furniture or decor!

 photo wwDSC_0471.jpg

I found this beat up vintage jewelry box on eBay for almost nothing (I think it was $10 with free shipping – or something ridiculous). I bought it mostly for the hardware. Isn’t that brass beautiful?

 photo IMG_7979.jpg

The wood was shabby looking though and the brass sort of got lost against the stain color.

 photo qIMG_7983.jpg

I’ve been so drawn to purples lately, especially shades of lilac. (This room is still a favorite) I found a really beautiful color of spray paint from Rustoleum called French Lilac.

 photo wIMG_8014.jpg

I gently pried off the brass hardware, lightly sanded the wood down and gave the box a few light coats of the lilac spray paint. The color only came in satin finish, which was a little more flat than I wanted here.

 photo IMG_8085.jpg

I used a high-gloss spray lacquer on top to make the lilac nice and glossy.

 photo IMG_8088.jpg

It took about a full day for the lacquer to fully dry, but once it was ready, I added the hardware back on.

 photo kDSC_0550.jpg


 photo wDSC_0546.jpg


I love the way the brass looks on the lilac and the way the lilac looks against the gray wardrobe.

 photo wDSC_0459.jpg

Also, a little PSA on the Nate Berkus tray: Basically this whole line was on clearance at my local Target yesterday! I bought the lamp and a second tray.

 photo IMG_7947.jpg

I’m pretty sure the trays are just resin, but they look and feel a lot like stone. They’re so cool and just about the perfect size for any surface.

 photo DSC_0565.jpg


 photo wqDSC_0562.jpg

How was your weekend? I have been travelling for about a month straight now and I am wiped out! We’re up at my parents house right now, which is much, much more relaxing than the past few trips I’ve been on for work, but I’m pretty ready to get home and get back to real life. :)

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27 thoughts on “Spray Painted Jewelry Box

  1. I love the Nate Berkus trays and stopped by my local target to pick one up. Sadly they only had the "fewer dots" one left and the color (almost a light beige) looked totally different than the white that appears online and in your photos. Am I imagining it or did you see the same thing?

  2. Always happy to read a new post! Just wondering how you handle painting the perimeters of drawers? I painted the outside of my drawers on a campaign piece last year and found they were sticky afterwards, and didn't glide as well. Would love to know what you do to avoid this, if anything?

  3. I'm loving shades of purple right now too. I'm just finishing up something that is a combo of lilac and plum and am so happy with the results!

    I have a wicker chest that has similar hardware waiting to be refinished in my garage. I'd love to know how getting the hardware off and back on was. I'm a little worried about that step.

    Beautiful work as always, Jenny!

  4. The hardware on that box is fantastic! What a score!

    I adore purples and have a lilac thing going on right now. It's even worse since I painted my kitchen and family room gray because now I feel justified in bringing a ton of lilac into the room.

  5. I love your jewelry storage series… Those Nate Berkus trays – Love! I had one in my hand in target today and ended up not getting it. I will likely be going back tomorrow for it!

  6. Hi Jenny!
    I love your blog, and the inspiration it transmits (the amount of thing I already did at my place inspired by your blog!).
    Can you please tell if your hand ring holder is a diy? I love the colour of it, and was wondering if you did it, and if so, how. Thank you for your daily inspiration!
    Regards from Portugal!

  7. Love the lilac and gray together. So pretty. Also, thanks for the info about the Nate Berkus sale–Target is seriously one of the best stores!

  8. I love how a little paint totally transformed this box. It looks so great now. I also recently found the power of spray paint. I bought a picture frame that was the right size for what I wanted at a really good price. But the color was awful. A little bit of spray paint later, and it looked awesome!

  9. Great post – I love how it came out. When searching ebay for things like this jewelry box what do you search for? Did you have this in mind or were you just browsing? I'd love to know your approach!

  10. Oh.. that jewelry box breaks my heart! We were robbed a couple years ago.. and it looks JUST LIKE my mom's old jewelry box.. It is so sad to think that someone we knew stole something that really only had much value to me:( It wasn't sent from someone in VA was it btw.. (there was some jewelry that wasn't valuable.. but meaningful too.. if it was out there somewhere.. I would try to buy it.)

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