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New Red Door and Lemon Trees


I had hoped that by now we would have finished more with the outside of the house, but it looks like we’ll probably leave the exterior projects for next spring. We’re making some big changes to the trim (mostly just ripping it out) and to the front portico area that I’m really excited about. (Remember here?)

 photo 2wDSC_0420copy.jpg

I think just a paint job will go really far. And actually, when the painters were here a few weeks ago, they offered to paint the front door. It’s so bright and shiny now that the rest of the house looks extra old and dingy! :) It’s got me excited to get the whole house painted and cleaned up in the next couple months.

 photo DSC_1209.jpg

To help the pretty rough-looking space look a little more put together, I picked up these chalky black planters at Home Depot and these Meyer lemon trees from Lowe’s.  I can’t even begin to describe to you how heavenly these blossoms smell!

 photo DSC_1195.jpg

 photo DSC_1199.jpg
I’ve tried keeping citrus trees indoors before and I think I just didn’t have enough sunlight to keep the plants happy and they’ve always died. The guy in the Lowe’s nursery recommended using cactus soil with rocks at the bottom of the planters for drainage, and he suggested letting the soil dry out so much in between waterings that the leaves begin to droop. So far, so good.
 photo sDSC_1200.jpg

I love the little trees! And I love the new bright color of the doors, but, admittedly, I was a little sad to drive up for the first time and see that the jamb was painted red too.

 photo DSC_1259.jpg
 photo DSC_1237.jpg

It was my fault for not telling the painters specifically to paint the jamb white and I wasn’t here on the day they painted the door. Since they threw in the labor on the door for free, I felt like it wouldn’t be at all fair to ask them to fix it. I’ll just have it changed when we have the rest of the house painted. It’s not that big of a deal. (It just looks so Christmas-y right now with the old green and yellow trim still exposed. Ha!) I’ve since got the creamy white siding color-matched and now I just need to find an hour to paint it out. I’m know that will be a huge improvement and the red jamb will be less annoying to me. :)

 photo DSC_1224.jpg

I do really love how the red looks with the new entry rug though!

 photo DSC_1345.jpg

 photo DSC_1357.jpg

I feel like we’re getting there! Slowly but surely this house is starting to feel more and more like ours. It makes me excited to think about all the changes I hope we’ll have done by next Christmas.

 photo DSC_1233.jpg
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38 thoughts on “New Red Door and Lemon Trees

  1. The changes you've made to your house are astonishing.
    I love reading your blog & love your new front door.
    I have a red front door too, so I may be biased, but I think it's the best!

  2. We should start our own club—I too have red doors. I love your doors and the brass handle. Have been following your blog more than two years now and really appreciate you. Thanks.

  3. I like how you think.. Especially your politeness when things don't come out the way you had hoped!
    Your patience is impressive as you juggle the needs of a young family w/ major home improvement plans.
    It will be beautiful.. and already is in many ways.

  4. That's really beautiful! Do you find that the planters blocking the door get annoying, or do you not use the front door enough for it to matter?

  5. The door is really beautiful, Jenny! And the hardware is great. Everything is coming together so well.

    My friend has a big lemon tree and gave me a cutting a few weeks ago. He gave me all of these instructions to care for it and I'm kind of scared! I have a lot of other plants, but this one just seems so much more special. Living in Missouri, I can't have it outside right now, but I'm hoping my south facing dining space will suffice. Good luck with yours!

  6. I love the red doors- such a fun pop of color. And I LOVE meyer lemon plants- we have one that produces like CRAZY. I got 40 lemons off of it last year. Just make sure to keep them protected from any frost (if you get that over there) and fertilize them once a year in the very early spring with a citrus fertilizer. And the more water they get, the juicier the fruit. They ripen in the winter time for me- and those blossoms smell AMAZING. :)

  7. You have great taste in almost every thing you do. I have to admit that I'm not crazy about the red door here but I'm sure you'll make it work. Lemon Trees are the best!

    Kris V.

  8. Gorgeous!!! I just remembered your leopard rug from the loft entrance, I think it may found its spot between your lemon trees? I am huge fan of yours and all the things you do!

  9. Hi. I love the door color. We too have a bright red door that we are going to replace in the spring. My husband is campaigning for a door much like yours, with more glass than we have right now. Our house is set back from the road, on a hill, so there's no issue with privacy in that sense. BUT, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with delivery men and anyone else who comes a knocking' being able to see right in. Anyone have thoughts on this? I love the look, but eek….

  10. The red is SO GOOD. Bright and yummy (especially with that door hardware). Too funny about the jamb – sometimes it's so obvious to us we forget to spell it out for others. But your home looks a million times more welcoming – and just in time for the holidays!

  11. I have been following your blogs for some time now and I must say it's been fun keeping up with your renovation project. You also did an admirable job of turning your home into a thing of beauty. I am really impressed! I also agree with the other commenters. Red is indeed a classy color. It's perfect for an elegant house such as yours.

    John Francis @

  12. How utterly gorgeous! I love seeing all your progress and although I can't wait to see it all finished its a bit like reading an amazing book you wish would never end. So inspiring! Xx

  13. I am officially jealous…I moved in October from Klamath Falls OR to Carson City NV and had to leave my Meyer's Lemon Tree behind. I am so very sad- it was my winter joy! I had to drive through CA and they have some lame rules about citrus…all for 100 miles.

  14. I would love to know the color as well if you don't mind sharing. I just had my door painted red and I'm afraid it's not the right shade. What did you go with? Thanks!

  15. Oh, did you go with safety red? It is just phenomenal. I can't even begin to tell you how much you inspire me in my everyday decorating. We are renovating an old house as well. My progress is much slower than yours. Our door and trim is painted this dull, barn red and I would love to repaint. It is blah red, not lala lovely red. Do you think this color would look good on a brick home? Not red brick, more of a tannish, yellow dutch colonial brick. Our front door is similar to your original and I love the door you chose to replace it. Well done Jenny!!

  16. What an eye-catching door color! Your door really looks lovely and inviting. It gives off that warm feeling. And against your light-colored sidings, it really stands out! And another thing, aside from adding curb appeal to your home, painting your doors can also protect them from harsh outdoor elements and ensure that they'd be serving you for long.
    John @ Beach Windows & Siding

  17. Hi guys!

    The color is Rustoleum's Safety Red. It's a glossy oil-based that the painters sprayed. The finish turned out perfectly! I love it.

    Bethany – I don't love the lack of privacy with our clear glass either! We have plans to make some changes there soon! So stay tuned! :)


  18. Hi guys!

    The color is Rustoleum's Safety Red. It's a glossy oil-based that the painters sprayed. The finish turned out perfectly! I love it.

    Bethany – I don't love the lack of privacy with our clear glass either! We have plans to make some changes there soon! So stay tuned! :)


  19. I have always loved your use of color…but I think your use of texture and finish really makes your designs pop. I really like the contrast of the chalky black planters against the glossy door. Thanks for your constant inspiration.

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