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DIY Necklace Hanger


We decided to block out our weekend and we’ve got nothing planned but house projects! I am so excited to share one big one in particular (photos coming!), but one small project I want to tackle is making a second one of these little necklace holders I did for my first Domino article project.

 photo xDSC_0489.jpg
I’m running out of space and my necklaces are getting buried, which sort of defeats the purpose of the thing. The good news is it’s really, really easy to make one of these hangers and only takes a few minutes, so I can turn a second one of these out in 20 minutes or so.
 photo xDSC_0483.jpg


My inspiration came from this photo below I saw on a cool site that just shares images of closets belonging to really stylish women. I can’t remember the name of the site though – do you know it?

 photo JewelryRACK5082578593copy.jpg
In this woman’s closet, she use a strip of wood and a series of nails tapped right in. This hanger would be like a five minute project!
 photo JewelryRACK5082578593_a79b765490_z.jpg
I wanted my necklace strip to be painted the same color as my wardrobe units (which is Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray), and I wanted tiny brass hooks.
 photo xDSC_0491.jpg
I had a scrap piece of wood laying around that was just the right size. I don’t have a photo of this, but I bought some of those picture hangers that you just tap right into wood or a frame. They sort of look like jagged teeth? They’re great and so easy to use. After installing those on the back, I painted a first coat on, then I marked out where the hooks would be on the front, spacing them about an inch apart and staggering the rows.

 photo IMG_8154.jpg

Then I drilled teeny tiny pilots holes with the smallest bit I have. This made screwing in the small hooks by hand about a million times easier!

 photo IMG_8160.jpg

I touched up the paint with a small brush and then hung the strip of hooks up on the wardrobe wall using the jagged teeth hangers.

 photo DSC_0528.jpg

The teeth hangers sort of make the strip tilt out a bit, but I kind of like the angle? Or at least it doesn’t bother me enough to figure out another way to hang the strip!

 photo xDSC_0527.jpg
What plans do you guys have for the weekend? Any big projects? Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve got going on… :)
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31 thoughts on “DIY Necklace Hanger

  1. My bathroom just had a face lift and I have been looking at adding in a place to hang jewelry. Thanks for the great inspiration!!! On the agenda this weekend is hopefully priming my kitchen so that I can paint it. Right now it is sunshine yellow and it has been bugging me since the day we moved in. I used to have a sunshine yellow bedroom and now I am not a fan of yellow on the walls…or at least not in a kitchen! So so excited to paint!

  2. Oh the things a girl can do with a drill, some hardware and a little know-how! You inspire me :)
    …As for weekend projects, I'm hoping to finish painting my kitchen cabinets, I'm 3+ weeks in and can't WAIT to wrap it up!

  3. That's gorgeous, but I'm confused – where is the second one hung? It looks like there's one there, not two?

  4. This is so cute and lovely and works beautifully in the space. I actually made one quite similar for my necklaces and wanted to share a tip for any non-drill owners out there. Those little cup hooks also screw in quite easily if you nail a little guide hole with a small nail (and then pull it back out). Good luck crafters.

  5. I really like the way it hangs forward. It seem like it would keep them from tangling. I actually have a few that are similar, but are just vintage tie/belt racks, the kind that have a double row that can swivel and fold flat. they're really cute and a great repurpose.

  6. Great idea, although I don't have anywhere near the quantity of necklaces you have. I would probably use Command strips on each end, makes it flat against the wall, plus I try to avoid holes in the wall (of my rental).

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Hi, I really appreciate your projects, you are a real artist. So I have a question about jewels storage: I have a lot of earrings and I am searching a way to hang them so that I can have a global view of them, because if they stay in the boxes or in the bags I don't remember them. I was thinking about something like a wooden tree to hang on the wall, but I am not good in artistic things. Do you have an idea?
    Thank you and greetings from Italy!

  8. I just found your blog (from the A Beautiful Mess concrete countertops post) and am already smitten with it! I've actually been looking for a creative way to hang necklaces for a while. Thanks for the inspiration–I will be back.

  9. Love this. And I think the website you're thinking of is One of my favorites.


  10. Anything strung on silk or cord (like pearls) , should be stored flat. Or they stretch. This looks great for the grab & go…

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