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Why Don't You: Make a Fancy Credenza


I’ve been working on the design of our library wall bookshelves the past week or two. We’re wanting to do a credenza-type storage piece all along the bottom of the shelving units so I’ve been digging up photos of vintage credenzas I’ve taken at antique stores over the years, and I’ve been doing lots of research on Pinterest and in my pre-Pinterest file folders. I don’t think it’s the right fit for our library space, but I really love this antique credenza from the 30s.

 photo IMG_3811.jpg

I found it at Horseman Antiques on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn, which was not too far from the school my girls used to go to. The store is huge and most of the pieces are not especially affordable, but it does feel like a treasure trove. I loved to pop in often after school drop off to get inspired and every now and then I’d buy something for myself or for a client.

 photo IMG_3814.jpg
 photo IMG_3815.jpg

I didn’t buy this mirrored glass piece, but I think it would be such an easy IKEA hack! Just a Besta unit and some mirror custom cut to fit and some glass and mirror glue and you’d be good to go! This is basically what I did for the doors of my IKEA Pax units and the mirror wasn’t all that expensive and could not have been easier to install.

 photo IMG_8055.jpg
 photo IMG_8058.jpg

The concept sort of reminds me of this IKEA hack from the Aestate.

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-09at113932PM.png

I LOVE the chunky, edgy texture the layered pieces of wood on the doors give the whole look. So easy and inexpensive for such a huge visual impact! Her concept post is here and here’s the project reveal photo.

What did you think?
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  1. Do you have any details on how she did the hack? I don't even see what Besta unit she could have been using. I LOVE it and want to do it!!!

  2. I have those 2 besta pieces in white as shown in the hack. I did the glass front doors and just frosted them. The amount of storage they provide is insane. I used them to corral all the toys in our living room & now that we have a separate playroom, I've moved them down to our office to hide my scrapbook stuff BUT this is making me rethink that move. Especially since I'm still on the hunt for something new to put on that wall.

  3. Love the mirrored credenza and can't wait to see your final built-in design. Please let me know if you need any hardware for your built-ins. My designs are sort of deco inspired so I could totally see them on the mirrors. And thanks again for featuring my kitchen floor stencil!

  4. I found a dresser with mirror attached very similar to that mirrored credenza the other day. It was incredible! But all I could think about with a one and 4 year old were the sharp corners (it wasn't beveled like the piece you found) and the fingerprints. :) Great idea to DIY!

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