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Grocery Store Flowers


I love having fresh flowers in our house (it always feels so fancy!), but the habit can get expensive.

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One of the tricks I’ve been doing lately is buying the (sometimes cheesy) assorted bunches that are usually $3-$5 and then breaking the flowers up into different vases.

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It’s so much more fun than having just a dozen stems of one kind of flower. I end up with four or five different arrangements that I can split up around the house or group together.
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I pick up little vases and containers at thrift stores and flea markets all the time, so it’s fun to have an excuse to pull them out and actually use them on a regular basis.
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How often do you splurge on fresh flowers? I love to get tulips and daffodils in the spring because they seem to last forever, especially if I can remember to change the water every couple of days. And I still love doing my grocery store roses trick.
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22 thoughts on “Grocery Store Flowers

  1. I almost never buy flowers for myself because they never seem to last very long, but posts like this are tempting me to go out and grab a few bunches! :)

    (love that roses tip too, thanks!)

  2. Fresh flowers are essential in my life. Depending on where we live, I will sometimes go to the grocery store, pick blossoms from an obliging tree, or even grow a container garden of zinnias just so I can constantly have an assortment. Recently I have been hitting up Trader Joe's and Costco while waiting for the weather to warm up for my container garden.

  3. Yes! This is exactly what I did last week. I received a grand arrangement as a gift at work. I took them home and arranged them in like arrangements…and in all of my pretty little thrifted vases! Makes my heart happy and my ocd self even happier to see like flowers in groups! :-)

  4. I do this all the time! My other favorite thing to do is buy a few cheapo bunches that are in the same color family (whites or pinks most often) and put them together in the vases. White carnations, white alstroemeria, and white tea roses look much more elegant arranged together!

  5. I used to never get flowers because they seemed like such a superfluous cost for something that doesn't last very long. But after breaking up with my partner of many years I found that going out every Saturday morning for a beautiful floral treat was a really nice thing to do for myself. It also helped add something beautiful and bright to my new home!

  6. I buy flowers every two weeks or so from the grocery store, but I want to know where you shop that you get an actual bouquet for $3-$5?!

    At my store, its $4 for a single type of flower, and is only enough for one small vase!

  7. i too buy the $5 flower bundle and then when i bring it home i mix in some greenery from my yard…. holly branches, snippet from the magnolia tree, and pine. my last batch of snapdragons lasted almost a month.

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