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Adding Detail to Frame Mats


I’ve been picking up new pieces of art for the studio here and there since the big gallery wall in the living room and the other spaces in the house have swallowed up most of the art I already had. Last week I found a cool etching of a Manhattan street scene that reminded me so much of our old neighborhood that I had to have it. It didn’t come with a frame, but luckily I have a habit of buying thrift store art just for the quality frames, and one of the ones in my collection had a mat that was the exact right size for the etching.

 photo cIMG_3733.jpg

The whole thing looked a little blah together though. Lots of yellowed paper and browny-black. I first thought about painting the pretty, ebonized frame a more interesting color, but I hated the idea of covering up the old black finish. So I decided to try one of my old tricks on the matting. It was fun to think back on this five year old (!) post – I still love the concept.

 photo dr5.jpg

I kept it even simpler this time and instead of gluing down tape trim, I used just a felt-tip marker and a straight edge to add a little interest and color to the old, yellowing mat.

 photo IMG_3032.jpg

Using a clear ruler made all the difference here in keeping my lines pretty close to straight and evenly spaced. I’m crazy about how this turned out. Such an easy and effective way to bring in a little color without having to buy a new mat! I love a good two-minute DIY! :)

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23 thoughts on “Adding Detail to Frame Mats

  1. Wow, I love this! And the clear ruler, why haven't I thought of that! I design logos and yesterday was working with my metal ruler; it's a pain! Def going out today to pick up a CLEAR one. I owe you!

  2. Yes, clear ruler…duh!? And the color and simple lines add just the right detail without overwhelming the charming print. As always…you are fantastic!

  3. Thank you for all your great ideas! I have been following your blog for a long while now, but this is the first time I have made a comment. Thank you for the inspiration…

    I know you are super busy so if any one else knows…I am just looking for a really great gold spray paint to paint a metal library cart. I know you have said which one you like best, but I can't seem to find it. Thank you so much!

  4. This is a great idea to reuse an old mat.

    I think you need to flip your mat though, so the widest margin is on the bottom. Right now the mat is wider at the top. =)

  5. You might want to turn that mat right-side up ;) Sorry, i used to work at a frame shop and I have to point that out! The largest border is traditionally on the bottom, but to each his own :)

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