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The Phoenix Garden Party


Saturday’s Garden Party was so much fun! The Home Depot is hosting these #SpringMadeSimple events all over the country this month and next, where you can come and meet with a local blogger and learn about gardening from an expert.  I was in charge of the pot-painting table at Phoenix’s Garden Party, and it was a blast to get to chat with local readers and do a little crafting. We used Sharpie paint pens to decorate little terracotta pots before planting them with succulents.

 photo IMG_3471.jpg
 photo jenny30.jpg
 photo IMG_3483.jpg
Our gardening expert talked to us about how to keep succulents alive and happy and he shared how to make these really cool raised beds planted with SALSA ingredients!! Genius. He also whipped up that stack of pots in about five minutes flat by stringing the pots on a dowel through the drainage holes. I thought that was pretty clever.

 photo IMG_3480.jpg
This is Jim, our gardening expert and all-around nice guy. He said succulents like to be flooded and then dried out. So rather than watering them on a schedule (like you might do with other houseplants), it’s best to stick your finger in the succulent’s soil and if it’s completely dry for a knuckle or two, the plant is probably ready to be flooded again. Interesting, right?
 photo IMG_3484.jpg
 photo IMG_3465.jpg
Jim was a wealth of gardening knowledge and was so fun to chat with while doodling on my pot. I went with a sort of marbelized pattern using my Sharpie paint pens. Those things are pretty amazing, btw. Have you tried them yet?
 photo jenny5.jpg
Michael and the girls came by toward the very end of the event and the girls jumped right in with coloring and planting.
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-01at40522PM.png
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-01at40542PM.png
Evie would have made a hundred pots if we had let her. She was totally in her element.
 photo IMG_3503.jpg
This was right as she was telling me about what she was going to draw on her third pot.
 photo jenny20.jpg
And this was right after I told her that two pots was plenty. #devastated
 photo IMG_3508.jpg
It was a really fun event. Thanks to The Home Depot for inviting me to host, and a BIG thanks to those of you that came out for the party – especially those of you that drove almost an hour from across the Valley. Nicest readers ever. :)
To sign up for the Home Depot’s Garden club (which has all sorts of tips and tricks and ideas for gardeners of all skill levels), head on over here. PS I learned at the event that signing up for the Garden Club is the one of the only ways to get coupons to the Home Depot.  :)
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21 thoughts on “The Phoenix Garden Party

  1. I have been following your amazing blog for forever and am thrilled to see the girls you have been talking about. They are as adorable as their mother. I love your doodled clay pots and the long planter of succulents is incredible; it gives me an idea! I am in awe of your God-given talent and creativity! Keep up the inspiring!

  2. Now if only the temperature goes above 50 then perhaps I'll feel that spring has arrived. Great tips and beautiful family picture.

  3. Hi Jenny, it was so nice to meet you on Saturday! I couldn't believe how I lucked out that you were at the Home Depot right by my house. Yay! The garden experts were great. Now if I can just keep my roses alive…

  4. I have seen so much of my sister in Evie since the post about when she was born and this just confirms it. I was the older sis who wouldn't have really cared about planting a succulent but my sister was ALL OVER "grown up stuff" like that from a young age. Wish I could have met you! I'm not to far from there. Count me in on the next event you go to! :)

  5. My daughter and I had a great time at the Garden Party. Loved meeting and chatting with you. You are very lovely and so creative. P.S. Looking forward to a post from the shopping adventure you took after the Garden Party.

  6. What a fun idea to decorate the pots with sharpie paint pens. The best part of this post is your little pumpkin, Evie. Her facial expressions are so precious that I just want to give her a big hug! She might become a master designer/gardener in the future!

  7. Jenny, it was so fun to have met you! Jeannine & I were thrilled! The home depot knows how to be a great host!
    I loved potting the cutest succulent!
    Thank you Jenny & Homedepot! Please host more fun parties!!

  8. You had a fun Saturday! Look all these smiles! Great idea to keep the kids busy with drawing and at the same time teaching them about the flowers. We should sign up too.

  9. Hi! I love painting on clay pots and wanted to draw with sharpies to get a little more detailed on the pots. Those sharpie pens you use on the pots, will they run after spraying clear glaze over them? I used regular sharpie pens on clay pots before n it ran and smudged. Is there a special sharpie pen just for clay pots? My email is Thank you!

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