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On the Hunt for Tile


What a week! We’re smack-dab in the middle of redoing our kitchen (finishing refacing the cabinets as we speak (as you read?) and painting happens later today!), and tomorrow our guest bath is getting stripped down to the pipes. So many things happening all at once, but all so exciting!

 photo sIMG_4439.jpg

I shared my bathtub find here, which I’m still so happy with and can’t wait to see it in place. I’m about 90% sure I’m going to go with a dark color on the tub exterior, but the exact color will depend on the the floor tile. So I’ve been thinking a lot about it this week, trying to come up with an idea that I can install myself, that won’t cost an arm and a leg, and most of all, will be something that I’ll love for a long time to come.

 photo 11.jpg
 photo IMG_7254.jpg
 photo IMG_4719.jpg
 photo IMG_4718.jpg

I kept trying to reinvent the wheel for the wall tiles, but when it comes down to it, I think I’m just going to be happiest with classic white subway tiles. Is that so boring?? I just want the space to be bright and clean feeling, so why fight the subway, right? I have some ideas for a stone sink similar to the ones below that I think will make the space extra special, even if the walls are simple subway tiles.

 photo KGrHqZHJEUFGrdL9irBRv10P6Ob60_57.jpg
 photo cIMG_4437.jpg

The floors have me scratching my head a little still though. I need to do a little more shopping around, but there have been some cool options locally.

 photo IMG_4432.jpg
 photo IMG_4612.jpg
 photo IMG_7246.jpg
 photo IMG_4431.jpg
 photo IMG_4611.jpg
 photo IMG_3014.jpg
 photo xIMG_4614.jpg
 photo IMG_7251.jpg

Something that I’m really drawn to is penny or hex tile in different colors to make a pattern. The effect would be similar to the encaustic tile patterns, but so, so much cheaper.

 photo tile_patterbs_02.jpg
 photo sIMG_4747.jpg
 photo IMG_7238.jpg
 photo IMG_4716.jpg

Have you seen any really amazing tile lately?

PS I only wish my bathroom had good enough natural light to handle this concrete tile installed floor to ceiling! Isn’t it gorgeous?! It’s about $7 a square foot and it comes unsealed. It’s amazing in person! A total show-stopper.

 photo sIMG_4749.jpg
 photo IMG_4752.jpg
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55 thoughts on “On the Hunt for Tile

  1. After coming across this post we decided to use the beveled concrete tile from Lowes in our bathroom remodel. It turned out better than we expected and I just wanted to thank you for helping me find such a unique and afforable option that was right under my nose!

    1. Lisa,
      I’m also interested in using the concrete tile for my bathroom, did you use it on walls or floors? Did you seal it once it was up, or leave it raw?

    2. Do you have any pictures of the finished bathroom that you did with the concrete tiles? I’d love to see the end result!

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