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The Studio Bathroom Walls


Yesterday I shared how I painted the studio bathroom tile black, which I’ll admit, was sort of a big commitment. I wanted the room to feel girlie and fun, but still modern and interesting. It’s technically our guest bathroom as well, but since Heather is living with us in the guest room, it’s mostly just her and Kate and I that ever are in the space. So basically, I felt like I had free reign to go as girlie as I wanted!

 photo StudioBath4.jpg

The previously white walls felt really stark in here since the only light source was (and still is) a pair of wall sconces, so I decided to warm up the color and to get a little experimental with a fun pattern.

After swinging by The Home Depot and picking up a few rolls of Scotch Blue™ Painter’s Tape to experiment with, I finally had a lightbulb moment.


 photo StudioBath18.jpg

I used a roll of .94″ ScotchBlue (it’s the Original Multi-Use 2090) to make an abstract line pattern on all the walls above the tile and even on the ceiling. I was inspired by this uber-talented artist that Domino featured in the current issue. He did a similar treatment to the walls in his home using duct tape. I love how these little lines are so simple and they make such a big visual impact.

To make a pretty fast process go even faster, I cut the tape (5-7″ or so in random lengths) in large batches all at once before applying the strips to the walls.

 photo StudioBath8.jpg
It’s easy to make the abstract pattern and it actually looks best if you don’t over-think things while you’re placing the tape on the walls.
 photo StudioBath9.jpg

Like with any painting project, it’s important to really press down the edges of the ScotchBlue tape before you paint.

 photo StudioBath1.jpg


Don’t forget to let the line continue in and through the corners and be sure to start some pieces below the actual starting line (the tile in my case). This makes the pattern look more like wallpaper.
 photo StudioBath12.jpg
 photo StudioBath11.jpg
We have some slight texture on the wall in some places so I did my little trick of sealing the edges with a quick layer of the base coat before painting the top coat. Works every time!
 photo StudioBath2.jpg
I like to peel the tape off while the paint is still wet. I don’t know if that makes any difference in the end result, but it feels like it would, right?
 photo StudioBath3.jpg
The color we used for the base coat is my favorite white, Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, and the top coat is the prettiest blush color called Spun Sugar by Sherwin Williams (I had both color matched at Home Depot). We don’t have any windows in this bathroom, but I’m thinking this color would be gorgeous in natural light. So pretty and soft for a bedroom.
 photo StudioBath13.jpg
The pattern is playful enough that it would look adorable in a kids room, but when paired with black and brass accents and with lots of art hanging on the walls, the abstract pattern feels modern and cool.
 photo StudioBath25.jpg
I added lots of white to the room to break up the sea of black tile and to balance out the warmth of the Spun Sugar walls.
 photo StudioBath22.jpg
 photo StudioBath24.jpg
 photo cIMG_3973.jpg
I also came up with a new way to reface old 80s cabinets that I’m really happy with. The basic idea is to use hardboard to create a faux front. I think I’m going to put a twist on the technique for a redo of our kitchen cabinets, so stay tuned for that tutorial!
 photo StudioBath16.jpg
The pretty horn knobs are from Anthropologie. I LOVE them!
 photo StudioBath14.jpg
Lots of big artwork helped to brighten this space too. I picked up these frames at Target and I love their extra-wide mats.
 photo StudioBath15.jpg
Luckily the mat openings were meant for 8×10 prints and I had just picked up this book of Matisse prints in the same size for just a buck at a used book store.
 photo cIMG_4029.jpg
Doesn’t get much more girlie than this right?
 photo StudioBath23.jpg
Also did you notice how I moved the Safevieh gold and marble table in here? It fits well and I love the way it looks against the black tile.
I had to turn down the contrast in this photo so you could see the new sconces. I talked about them here. They’re from Triple 7 Recycled on Etsy and they literally could not have been easier to install, especially since the mounting hardware is exposed. I had these babies up in about 20 minutes! I love them and I love the way the light from the exposed bulbs plays on the abstract line pattern on the walls. It’s really soft and dreamy in person.
 photo StudioBath5.jpg photo StudioBath21.jpg
I’m all for complicated, time-consuming DIY projects (you know I am!), but sometimes simple-and-quick hits the spot, you know? I love the way this one turned out! :) A big thanks to ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for coming through for me yet again.
(PS Check out their Pinterest page for some really great painting ideas!)
(PPS ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape gave me a $50 e-giftcard to the Home Depot to share with you readers. Just click here to enter.)
 photo StudioBath19.jpg



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  1. Hi Jenny, I really like the look of this bath. And it looks much better on my laptop….on my phone the pics didn't look as good. I think it's genius what you did with the tile…I mean, what were you going to do….take a sledge hammer to it? Sometimes it's just not practical to totally gut a space and you could always take the tile out down the road. I love the black paint…and interested to read how it holds up. The pinkish walls are so chic with that design…totally not too girly and the metal accents are just right. BTW, I'd like to know where I can get those towel hooks! This bath reminds me of a powder room I saw in maybe housebeautiful? or something of Deborah Needleman's with the crazy green wallpaper w/zebras. I know, you're probably like, where did that come from?!? But anyway, it's totally cool! Keep failing forward. Attitude determines Altitude!

  2. OMG people… its her blog. If she doesn't like the negative comments or want them, she can say it! If I was her I wouldnt be losing any sleep on 'rubbing people the wrong way'. Dont like it, dont read the comments and leave nasty comments.

  3. Love everything about it and all you do! I have a question regarding the paint coler. First, it looks amazing! Do you think the peach color was due to the Chantilly Lace as a base under it? Or do you think that the Spun Sugar would be the same shade without the base of Chantilly lace? Also, do you think the room looks (pink/peach) shade partly due to the black flooring and no window and the lighting? Thank you in advance, I appreciate your reply if you have time! Kind regards. Deb

  4. Jenny, You constantly amaze me with your energy–kids, the house, work–I've been trying to choose a paint for my guest room for the past 3 months and in that time you've chosen 12 paint colors and done 30 projects! You are unstoppable. I really admire how you handle yourself with grace and how brave you are. I wish I had some of your bravery–i second guess myself too much (hence the inability to choose a paint color)–will you take San Diego clients?! You are awesome and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. I know this is an old post, but just wanted to offer my opinion on the constructive criticism topic. The anonymity of the internet has led some people to believe that manners no longer matter. At the end of the day Jenny is a real gal with real feelings. In the real world, if my boss responded to my work with words like "hideous, fugly, and disgusting" then I would probably quit. As far as "bullying", that is exactly what the comments turned into. If you don't see that, then scroll down further. Oy. Seeing people attacking others just kind of bums me out, and that is not the point of reading blogs. Keep your head high Jenny!

  6. Hello,
    I just came across your marble bathroom sink. Can you tell me about it? Is it solid, obviously custom, how much it was etc.? Currently looking for bathroom vanities ideas. Thank you in advance.

  7. Jenny, I love your work and your attitude. Thanks so much for sharing your designs with the world!

  8. hmm, I wish I had some of your bravery–i second guess myself too much (hence the inability to choose a paint color)–will you take San Diego clients?! You are awesome and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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