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Vintage Daybed: FOUND

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Guess what?! I found a vintage daybed for the library! I stalked Craigslist like crazy and found a listing for this pretty mid-century chaise only an hour or two after it had been posted. I emailed and then realized in the contact info the lister wanted to be texted or called, so I texted. And then that afternoon I started stressing and I called. I seriously felt so nuts, but that was the exact daybed I had been imagining for in front of the bookshelves! And when I finally did get a hold of the seller late that afternoon while I was at the pool with my girls, he said his phone had been ringing off the hook with offers on the daybed and that it was first come, first served. So naturally I threw on a cover up over my swimsuit, a towel on my hair, and raced down there as fast as I could.

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From the listing, I was thinking there was at least a 50/50 chance I’d be able to keep the existing upholstery. The seller said the “linen upholstery” was in perfect condition over the phone. Turns out it is in approaching good-ish condition, there are a few stains and a tiny hint of a musty smell. And in person the texture of the fabric reads way more “Brady Bunch” than “Belgian linen,” which makes total sense, of course.

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So I dug around in my fabric stash to see if I could make good use of some of my hoard. I think it just might be time for Bengal Bazaar to finally make an appearance in my own house. I’ve been in love with the almost-ikat, sort of Southwest-feeling (so appropriate right?) pattern for years and have been lugging around this remnant with me since we lived in Delaware!

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It looks good on the day bed, right? (though now I’m seeing that the pattern is upside down in the photo! whoops.) I definitely still love the idea of a floral pattern, but I think this achieves a similar look, but without going full-on girly. A lot of the colors of the fabrics in these two rooms are going to get changed this month and I think the more neutral pattern is a better choice for the space.

 photo IMG_4482.jpg
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I’m most happy with how it fits in the room! There’s still plenty of floor space for traffic flow once the bookshelves are installed.
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I love how it is more open to the bookshelves than a sofa would be, but more than one person can comfortably sit there and get back support like with a sofa.
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Speaking of which – the CL seller had reworked the back support of the daybed and decided to spray paint it gray, which I think I’ll change. The base is in beautiful shape, but the legs need a little bit of scrubbing.

 photo vIMG_4451.jpg
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The big bookshelf installation was postponed a week, which was a big bummer because this summer is going to be insanely busy. We’re hosting a ton of family parties, showers and even a reunion here and I’m anxious to get most of the common areas done or close to it. We also have some really fun photo shoots scheduled that are only furthering the anxiety/pressure! All good things, but I’m trying to keep clear about what it is that I want for the house long-term and avoid the tendency I have sometimes to buy make-it-work stuff when I’m up against deadlines. So far I think we’re doing pretty good! Getting the bookshelves in finally will be a big win, for sure. Jason ran the electrical for us this week so we can install the picture lights after the bookshelves come in. It’s so funny – every time we open up the drywall I can spy two or three old beer cans from the 80s inside. Those builders really loved their Bud! ha!

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Oh, and PS!! Domino named LGN one of their 26 favorite design blogs! There were some old friends and favorites there on the list, and some new-to-me sites that I’m excited to fall in love with too. Check them out!

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57 thoughts on “Vintage Daybed: FOUND

  1. Great find! Adorable and functional (MCM @ its best :) The original fabric actually looks awesome with the other upholstery in the room. So much texture and great cool tones.

  2. I love the daybed, but I'm not feeling the new fabric paired with the rest of your furniture. I am giddy awaiting those bookshelves;). You do tremendous work!

  3. I love it!! I actually think the original fabric looks kinda great. Am I weird? I think the color/texture looks great with the other furniture. But generally, I think things look fine as-is, and then you go and blow my mind! So- I cannot wait to see what you end up doing. Love everything you do!

  4. What a great daybed! Not that it is what you want for the room, but that fabric is kind of cool. Can't wait to see it all dressed up, in front of the soon-to-be shelves!

  5. I like the fabric on the original daybed, too and was amazed to see some of your other commenters did as well. But…you always have an eye, so whatever you visualize will be great. I can't wait to see the bookshelves and the rolling ladder in place!

  6. Love the daybed, but thought it was going to float in front of the bookcase, not as part of the living room ensemble (where it looks like another couch in the group.) I sort of envisioned it facing out from bookcase as a place to lounge with a book and also serve as an extra place to sit during a party. Also, this way you wouldn't see the support infrastructure. It still would block only half of the walkway (just the other side.) And agree with others, love the MCM fabric or something textured and simple like it (don't think it needs a modern fabric contrast.)

  7. Be careful with the sun on that lovely mohair velvet, it will fade (and decompose?) quickly with direct sun on it like that. One of the first things I did when I moved to the South was to invest (and I mean invest… cost a fortune per window) in silhouette shades to protect our furniture, newly refinished floors, and piano from so much harsh sun exposure. I can imagine its brutal in AZ too.

  8. I agree. The fabric doesn't feel Belgian linen, but then I don't view most of your design aesthetic in that light. This fabric is more like an Irish linen or hand-woven wool and the colours are fabulous. Maybe you could try a professional cleaning first. It coordinates so beautifully with your sofa and green Bergeres.I'm not feeling the Ikat in the same way, but your taste is always good so I'm sure it will all fit in the end.

    I adore the shape and am glad you scored again.

  9. That is a KILLER CL find! Looooooove it.

    And yes, where is that boxy brass lamp from in the back ground??… or what would you call it in a search? I neeeeeed something exactly like it for my daughters room.

    Great job, as always!

  10. Love the daybed. Personally I think the original fabric looks more mid century than the one you want to use and it seems more in keeping with the design. A lucky find! Can't wait to see how it looks when you've reupholstered it. Sharon

  11. How funny – my first thoughts were I LOVE the original fabric as it is and that seems to be what a lot of others are saying too. IF you change it Id go with something very similar to the original in texture and color- but yes you scored big!

  12. Oh great find Jenny! Trust your instincts! I'm thinking you need to set the old cover free. It looks worn & predictable.I have no doubt that you will make a choice that is chic & stylish.
    Go girl x

  13. Great find! That fabric is going to be unique on that chaise- blending old furniture and modern pattern is always daring and fun! Will be fun to see it pull together. Also, congrats on being named as top blog! I recently found your blog and totally agree!! :)

  14. A stunning piece, and I agree with posters who advocate floating it in front of the bookcase. That will balance and expand the furniture placement in the room, and it will minimize the view of the daybed's plumbing on the back. Daybeds are so cool. Well done indeed!

  15. It's beautiful! I must say that I think I like the original pattern best, but then I was a big Brady Bunch fan : ) I'm sure whatever you do will be lovely.

  16. Fun to watch this room evolve. I'm going to try the charcoal fabric spray paint (same brand you used on your x benches) on my English roll arm sofa. My heart hopes it will end up looking like the sofa in this room. My head knows better.

  17. I agree with the other posters – I absolutely love the original fabric!

    If you do reupholster it, please feel free to send the original fabric down to me in Charlotte!

  18. Hi Jenny,

    AMAZING score! I love the original fabric, but anything you do is turns out chic. Also, I noticed you had the yellow velvet chair reupholstered. I love them both ways. Ohhh, how you inspire me!

  19. I love the original fabric, the colors and texture are great. If you do replace the fabric, maybe try a stripe. I think the large pattern on the ikat overwhelms the elegance of the daybed.

  20. I'm with you on changing the fabric. I feel that if the original fabric advocates saw it in person they would support swapping it too. It looks like it feels kinda gross. I too thought you were planning on floating the daybed in front of the bookcases as like the sole sculptural piece in the room. I didn't realize there was this sitting area in the space. I can't tell the room dimensions from these pics but I think your layout probably makes the most sense.

    Are you going to go with paint for the back structure? Maybe in a bright yellow? Or have it sandblasted down to bare metal? Since it doesn't have a large surface area gold leaf or gold spray paint could look neat and not cheap.

  21. Yes…great find. I love the placement & your fabric change too. Cannot wait to see the bookcases done…what a lot you have done!!!!

  22. love your comments. the daybed is great . love your floors. i have hardwood, factory finished and I would like advice on how you care for your wood floors. what do you use to vacuum or sweep the floors of dirt and especially dog hair. i look forward to your posts. always have something good and interesting posted.

  23. just piping in to let you know i am OBSESSED with the ikat fabric you might use for your reupholstery project. can't wait to see if that's what you go with, it's stunning!

  24. I'm in the love the original fabric camp. It has an early Jack Lenor Larsen vibe. I'd get the whole thing steam cleaned and live with it awhile and see if you don't end up liking it, too. Bonus of keeping it is it saves you work.

  25. First of all – LOVE your blog.
    I usually don't post, but I can't control myself, *please* don't reupholster the day bed. It looks like it's a beautiful fabric (complicated and simple at the same time), catches/compliments the other tones in your sitting room (green chairs, grey sofa, red/orange chairs), as well as your electric blue sitting room. It's that one piece that gives continuity to an entire space.

  26. I believe that the original fabric is Danish weaving–please keep it! After a quick shampooing and an afternoon outside in the sun, it should smell just fine, and as others have commented, the authentic textured stripe fabric looks better in the room than that flat gray ikat.

  27. Congratulations on the Domino article! I was so excited to see you there. This day bed is such a score! I completely agree that you should paint the back though. What color do you think you will do? Can't wait to see the results!

  28. Beautiful day bed! Such a shame the fabric isn't in good condition — those colours are fantastic. Can't wait to see the room with the book shelves in.

  29. I can't wait to see what you'll do with the bookshelves! I want to do built in bookshelves in our office so I'd love to find out who you use to build them (I live in the Phoenix area as well). Also, that daybed is amazing.

  30. The original fabric all the way — go with a professional clean, live with a bit and then see if it is working for you. If the funk is out after the professional clean, keep it. Already looks great with the other pieces.

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