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New Favorites at Target

Product Picks

I think I’m not alone in my love for every line in the Target home section! (Sometimes I feel like half of my instagrams are #targetdoesitagain!). The products are all affordable and really good – a dangerously exciting combo for me! Their designers do a great job of staying ahead of trends, but nothing feels too trendy.

Target invited me to preview the new line for their extra affordable Room Essentials line and here are a few of my favorites!

 photo Target1.jpg

Pillow  //  Sheets  //  Floor Lamp  //  Quilt  

I use the frames from this line all the time. I LOVE how they are super thin and the matting is extra wide. And how ADORABLE are those black floral outdoor bolsters? We just finished redoing our back porch and I think those pillows would be a perfect addition to the space!

 photo Target2.jpg
Frame  //  Floral Pillows

I have a major thing for little stools and side tables, which means I need at least two of these little gray guys below! With a few of them pushed together, they could be a coffee table or a foot-of-the-bed bench, and when pulled apart, they are great for extra seating in a pinch.

 photo Target3.jpg

What are you loving at Target right now? I’m dying to grab one of those Scholar floor lamps before they’re sold out. I especially love the Caribbean aqua color for the enamel shade. It looks so school house vintage with the wood pole, don’t you think?

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.

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14 thoughts on “New Favorites at Target

  1. Jenny! When are we going to get to see more of how your kitchen turned out??? :) I'm really curious and excited to see how you handled the floors since I'm about to tackle repainting mine (until we do a renovation in a few years, too) Even a sneak peak on instagram w/a hint of the color you went with would be insightful. I can't decide if I want to go darker or lighter. The rest of our house has beautiful, dark old hardwood floors but the previous owners put terracotta in the kitchen (in federal style row house in DC?!)

  2. Love everything! Those pillows are excellent! I so can't wait to see how you did your patio. I've got to do something with mine, but I'm feeling so uninspired. I know you can help!

  3. What great picks. And as ever, it just makes me want to screan: "Target – it's HIGH TIME you came over to the UK and opened some branches here!"

  4. I really shouldn't spend $50 right now, but that Scholar floor lamp is so tempting. I need replace my current wobbly (bloody IKEA) reading light.

  5. Target really does have the best stuff. I got these amazing pharmacy lamps from there a while ago and they look MUCH more expensive than they actually were!

  6. Unfortunatly I'm in Canada and we were all very excited about Traget's move to Canada….until we realized that the deals were simply not up to par with those in the US. So Target in Canada, major dessapointment pricewise. I would so love those polka dotted sheets thought!

  7. LOVE Target! There is one very close to me and it takes all I have not to go constantly. Just don't have the $$$ although prices are good. Retirement lacks in the financial area. :)

    There are sooo many things I love ~ bedding, lamps, frames, whatever.


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