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Arsenic Kitchen Doors


Is it a big surprise that I love almost any shade of green? A recent favorite is Farrow & Ball’s Arsenic, one of their brighter shades. It is such a happy color! We used mostly neutrals in our kitchen (creamy white cabinets, black counters, mid-tone gray floors, pale gray walls). I really wanted to bring in a pop of color and the two exterior doors in the room felt like the perfect place. This image from Domino of Ruthie Sommer’s office kitchen kept coming to mind:

 photo DominoRuthieSommersKitchen.jpg

Before we did anything to the kitchen, all the cabinets and doors were a really deep chocolate color:

 photo DSC_0593.jpg

A couple coats of Arsenic (and a whole kitchen redo) later and we were in business!

 photo 50.jpg
There are still some touch ups I need to do, and some cleaning on the glass, but I LOVE the color.
 photo 60.jpg
If you don’t have an exterior door or two in your kitchen like I do, I think a pantry door is a really great place to have fun with color. Yellow doors are another favorite of mine. :)
 photo 59.jpg
What did you think?
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26 thoughts on “Arsenic Kitchen Doors

  1. Love the color, but the name is really terrible (not your fault, of course!). Arsenic poisoning is a terrible issue worldwide. They should come up with a happier name!

  2. @GirlieBeku — they're actually referencing a common old-fashioned green paint color. Arsenic used to be the main component of "Paris Green," a paint that was really popular from the 1700s to early 1900s. Where I live, it was used a lot in kitchens (!) and on beadboard/wainscotting. Unfortunately, it was super toxic to rub up against, sand, and even stand near because when it got wet, it released an arsenic-gas! Believe it or not, it used to be incorporated in many "daily-use" items; eventually people realized that lovers of green clothing died earlier than those who didn't wear it as much, and figured out that arsenic was the reason. Ick, right???

  3. What a great color… I have a back door leading to my patio and it would be so fun to have a bright color!

    Can I ask how you painted over your dark trim? Did you have to sand like crazy?

  4. I agree with all my predecessors comments, I absolutely love the green and the splash of color to the kitchen! It brings so much life and joy to the room, and the kitchen is a room that should make you smile :)

    Felt Ball Rugs are another great way to add color to any room, especially a kitchen!

    Also, @Magpie what an interesting history lessons about the paint name, thanks!

  5. That is precisely the color I want for my new front door. Problem is, I live pretty far from a F&B store. Can you or anyone recommend a similar shade from Benjamin Moore?

  6. @mamamode I can't speak for all paint stores, but I know my local Ace has the ability to look up any company's paint colors and remake them. It might be worth a try. It is a gorgeous green!

  7. I love the pop of happy this color adds. Erin @Design Crisis painted her dining room this color for a One Room Challenge and it turned fabulous! Just saying if you wanted to see it used over a larger area.

  8. @Magpie wow thanks for the history lesson. I find this facinating as green is my favorite colour….which means I would have died early had I lived in those times :( Plus I was wondering why they would call a mint green Arsenic as the element itself is a dark grey stone. I'm gonna go read some stuff about Paris green now.

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