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Angela’s Citrus Print


A few of you were curious about the citrus print in the photos posted yesterday. Good news! My talented friend, Angela is now selling a digital download of the image on both a black and a white background HERE.

 photo Citrus-Black-_AngelaHardison-web.jpg
 photo IMG_5658.jpg

We had ours printed to fit the largest Ribba frame (somewhere around 30×40″) just by emailing the file to my local friends at Kinkos. We know each other well at this point – I’m there a lot. I think the total was about $50 and took 24 hours to get back. Not bad at all for a print that big!

 photo IMG_5647.jpg
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24 thoughts on “Angela’s Citrus Print

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Jenny! Your passion and talent for design but also for sharing with others shines through everyday on your blog and does not go unnoticed (or unappreciated)! Yours is the first blog I check every morning for many years now and I appreciate the time and energy you put into all you do!

    I just ordered the print and can't wait to have it printed! Thanks so much to Angela for making it available so quickly!

  2. I second that, Kristie! I check your blog multiple times a day, Jenny. I love the vibrant pictures, the amazing DIYs (some of which I try myself!) and the general inspiration you put out there. You are a great part of my day.

  3. Thank you all for your nice comments! I'm navigating a lot of career move decisions right now, so I appreciate the kind feedback! xoxoxo

    1. In that case – ditto the other comments. I stop by daily and have for years. I have developed a love for design thanks to you! Your blog has taught me so much. Thank you!

  4. Hey! I would love to order the poster from your friend! Am i able to take the link (from the download) to kinkos and have them print it out? Sorry Im not very tech saavy!
    thank you for your answer in advance.

  5. Walmart and Walgreens will also create canvas prints from digital images. Plus there are lots of other companies who will do it online an ship the print to you. However, I think Walmart is the quickest. I think you can prepare your order online, then pick it up same day at your local store. You just have to indicate the store where you'd like to pick up the print. Pretty nifty!

  6. Jenny – you are so awesome to share this!!! Thank you! I don't think we have Kinkos here in Houston. Is this a "photo" type print? Glossy paper? I'm trying to figure out what to ask for if I do it someplace else. Thanks so much for your help!

  7. I ordered from and got a 24×32 for $22 after tax and shipping after applying a coupon code I found with a google search. The photographer mentioned that her own print of the piece was from, so I'm expecting a decent print job from them. Can't wait to get it up in our kitchen!

  8. I echo everyone else's sentiments; yours is my all time favorite design blog! AND I just ordered the image and am having it printed locally asap! Thank you!

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