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My Favorite Brass Lighting


When it came time to choose a light for our music room, I turned right to Pinterest for some inspiration. I wanted something brass, but brighter and bigger than a sputnik. This image from Domaine had the *perfect* fixture.

 photo viaDomainehome.jpg

I had used a local lighting company, Lucent Lightshop, to make new brass sconces for our fireplace (so the Gossip Girl sconces could move to the guest bath).

 photo IMG_0686.jpg
 photo IMG_6019.jpg

They did such a great job on the sconces, I reached out to them about recreating the inspiration light in dimensions that would work for our music room. Lucent totally, totally nailed it.

 photo IMG_6237.jpg
 photo IMG_6223.jpg
There’s something so exciting about having something made just for you displayed in your home! It’s perfect in the space and I love the brass against the new wall color!
 photo IMG_7739.jpg
Have you seen any lighting lately that takes your breath away? I’m obsessed with this floor lamp!
What did you think?
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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Brass Lighting

  1. I love how it looks like a chunky sputnik…and how you have repeated similar elements in all your lighting (brass in all rooms with creamy whites) and your growing collection of sputniks. How lovely :)

  2. I've only had time to glance through my new issue of Domino so far, but my first thought on seeing your feature was how great your lighting fixtures are!

  3. I love all of your lighting so much that I had Lucent make my living room sconces (I got the single version of yours over your fireplace). We installed them over the weekend and they are so perfect! Thanks so much for the tip! :)

  4. I like the juxtaposition of the vintage style ceiling medallion with the modern fixture. Would you consider talking about how you determined furniture placement for this house? It seems different than your last homes, I am curious if its just because the rooms are bigger or something else.

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