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Crafts on the Back Porch


The weather is finally nice again here in Arizona! Our doors and windows can be open most of the day and we eat on the back porch now. It’s heaven! I picked up a little kids picnic table at IKEA this summer and painted it F&B’s Arsenic with the left over paint from our kitchen door project. It’s a perfect place for the girls to sit down for a snack or a craft project that I’d rather keep outside.

 photo IMG_5964.jpg
 photo IMG_6057.jpg
 photo IMG_5911.jpg

We’ve been getting Kiwi Crate for a couple months now and my girls love to see what great projects comes in the box every month. There’s always two or three beautiful, creative and fun projects inside with a theme (this one was Castles and Catapults). Here are their most popular crates.

 photo IMG_5998.jpg
 photo IMG_5979.jpg
 photo IMG_6054.jpg
 photo IMG_6032.jpg

It ends up being hours of fun for my girls when both putting together the projects and then playing with them later. They came up with a really clever game and point system for the catapult project using the painted pattern on our porch floor and pretty soon all the neighborhood kids stopped by to get in on the action. :)

 photo IMG_6094.jpg
 photo IMG_6131.jpg
 photo IMG_6151.jpg
 photo IMG_6115.jpg

Kiwi Crate subscriptions start at $16.95 a month, and there’s always free shipping, making them a really great gift option! They also have a sibling add-on feature where you can get a second crate for only $9.99/month to avoid any possible excited squabbles over whom-gets-to-do-what. Not that we know anything about that.

 photo IMG_5921.jpg

To get 30% off your first monthly subscription, use the code LGN30! Thanks, Kiwi Crate! And thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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7 thoughts on “Crafts on the Back Porch

  1. I used the wood tile for our master bathroom remodel. We had our contractor install is, so I can't account for the ease of installation, but it looks great. We just had him lay it like a traditional wood floor. Our grout lines are not necessarily that thin, but you don't even realize it's tile until you walk on it, even with the regular grout lines. I live in Southern California, so our climate is definitely not cold, but these floors get REALLY cold. If I could do it over again, I would have put heating underneath.

  2. Your girls are so stylish Jenny! I hope to have girls some day and when I do I will definitely be referencing this blog for little girl fashion! Also, that Arsenic color reminds me of BM's Copper Patina color which I have painted many a thrifted piece of furniture with. Love it!

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