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Vintage Jewelry Sale and Chairish Give Away!


Chairish is one of my favorite places to shop for unique vintage pieces (and it’s also a super easy place to sell stuff using just your smart phone!).  They recently added a vintage jewelry section and I put up twelve of my favorite treasures this morning.

I don’t usually have a hard time parting with pretty things since I’m always shopping and buying, but some of these pieces were really tough for me to list!! :) This vintage Bakelite and turquoise bangle is pretty much perfection, I think.

 photo cIMG_7754.jpg

(baby bump alert!)

 photo chairishselfie.jpg

Here’s also a link to my collection of more than 50 jewelry pieces from other sellers that I have my eye on. I’m a huge fan of giving antique jewelry for holiday gifts and Chairish has made that easy as pie on all of us!

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-19at92409PM.png

And most importantly! —> Chairish is kindly giving away a $150 gift certificate, just in time for the holidays! Go here to enter. Contest ends December 3. Good luck!


Thank you to Chairish for being a long-time LGN sponsor! Click here to download the super-slick Chairish app!

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11 thoughts on “Vintage Jewelry Sale and Chairish Give Away!

  1. I think this is Charish's best move yet. So accessible and unique. And, LGN is a curation station!! You have a genius eye – I mean those Italian mosaic earrings. I die! Also, you framed your beautiful print! Yay! Which reminds me, thanks for introducing us to Framebridge – that place is for real. Such great value!

  2. Okay, in the bottom image, there are some wood and lucite bangles listed for $170. I have that SAME EXACT SET, and it is from Forever 21 and cost $6. Everything is exactly identical!

  3. Hey jskill, Nanette from Chairish over here! Thanks for your comment. These bangles are authentic and purchased from a very reputable seller, and it saddens us that these big box brands often take very liberal creative licensing when it comes to design. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! XOXO

  4. Your collection is lovely, but what I really, really love is your baby bump & your hair [looks amazing], and your Minerva Teichert. Happy Holidays!!! xox

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