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Sparkly Holiday Buffet with a Starry Backdrop


It’s party season!! I love having a few easy-to-pull off party decorating tricks up my sleeve and this new chalkboard paper + garland idea is one of my favorites yet! (Here’s another, more summery idea)

 photo IMG_7669.jpg

I’ve loved partnering with Target this year for their holiday campaign, so of course I went there first to buy some supplies for my buffet table and the backdrop.

 photo IMG_7782.jpg

Some of our law school friends used to have a Christmas wassail party each year when we lived in Boston and I love keeping the tradition alive! Wassail is delicious and easy to make. I use a version of this recipe when we serve it hot, but the general idea is apple cider, cranberries, oranges, cinnamon and clove. Yum!

 photo IMG_7724.jpg
The pretty drink dispenser can be found here (and it actually works well, unlike so many drink dispensers I’ve had in the past!). The snowflake tumblers and the copper mugs are also from Target. The blush goblets are vintage.
 photo IMG_7699.jpg
The metallic linen table cloth has just the right amount of shimmer! It’s on sale right now too.
 photo IMG_7704.jpg
Swedish saffron buns (or St. Lucia buns) are a holiday staple in our house and they pair so well with a cup of hot wassail or hot chocolate. I served them on this pretty mercury glass tumbling block platter, and coconut cupcakes on the round gold platter.
 photo IMG_7734.jpg
 photo IMG_7726.jpg
I threw some candies and cookies (peppermint chocolate-covered Joe Joe’s!) on a few serving trays and little gold bowls too, and that was it! Easy and pretty! I love how Target is mixing metals in their holiday line – gold, silver and copper all mix together so well.
 photo IMG_7789.jpg
 photo IMG_7744.jpg
This hammered gold tray is a new favorite and the pewter bowl is the perfect size for holiday nuts. My girls think that it can’t be Christmas time without a big bowl of nuts out on the coffee table. :)
 photo IMG_7737.jpg
 photo IMG_7918.jpg

I’ll have another post about our holiday decor this year I’m sure, but we did lots of white and cream and just a hint of barely there blush. And then a punch-in-the-face dose of neon pink every now and then, just to keep things exciting. :)

 photo IMG_7877.jpg

The pink and cream poinsettias are really helping with my color scheme.

 photo IMG_7805.jpg
I always like to have a food table in a common room, or at least out of the kitchen, so that the kitchen can be a place for prep (read: messy). This is the first time we’ve used the bookshelves as a backdrop for our food table and I’m LOVING the look! It’s so nice to have a pretty place to put the food that is also convenient to both seating areas.

 photo IMG_7847.jpg

I picked up two $6 fresh cedar garlands at Trader Joe’s and a cream and a pink poinsettia plant. I used a bit of floral wire and a few small pieces of duct tape to secure the garland to the shelves first.

 photo IMG_7777.jpg

And then I added a bit more floral wire to attach the three poinsettia blooms to the garland.

 photo IMG_7618.jpg
 photo IMG_7628.jpg
 photo IMG_7792.jpg

We hung the garland on top of three strips of this chalkboard paper runner. Can I just say that I am OBSESSED with this paper?! The finish is so matte and deep – it’s gorgeous and it really works like a chalkboard. I think there are a million ways to use this genius product!

 photo IMG_7611.jpg

I drew a star pattern on our paper with white chalk. It’s a super quick, very easy, and just the right amount of festive, I think.

 photo IMG_7680.jpg
 photo IMG_7796.jpg

I’m so happy with how this party buffet turned out! It was super inexpensive, but it looked really nice I think and felt special for our guests. I’m excited to play with variations on this theme! :)

 photo IMG_7855.jpg

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Décor for modern luxury made easy.

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12 thoughts on “Sparkly Holiday Buffet with a Starry Backdrop

  1. I love everything about this! Those copper mugs are so cool. I'm also thinking that the chalkboard paper would be great for a rented apartment. I might get a roll or two after work!

  2. What a clever idea. I love the simple, starry chalkboards that showcase this. I'm looking forward to more cream and blush-what a pretty holiday scheme!

  3. I love this!! What did you attach the chalkboard runner to? Just to the bookcase, or did you mount it on cardboard or something first to give it more structure? How did you attach it?

  4. Will head to Target for some of this stuff, but PLEASE, PLEASE tell me about the great shape of the table under the tablecloth! How/where did you find this? I want one just like it for my party table.

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