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Why Don’t You… Gold Leaf All The Things.


I am as crazy as ever over gold leaf! I know it can feel like an intimidating project, but metallic leaf is actually a breeze to use! I’ve got a good little stockpile of different colors and kinds put aside and I’m itching to tackle a couple of the projects I’ve seen floating around the web (elaborate list below!).

There area some pretty cool gift ideas in the mix here. Or if you’re like me and you get a little bored/stir crazy during the week between Christmas and New Years, there are some fun home project ideas here too. Most of these use leaf (which I think always ends up giving the best result), but there’s also a little spray paint, leaf pen and Rub N Buff thrown in the mix here.

1) These gilded gift boxes from You Are My Fave are beautiful! She bought the wooden boxes at Michaels for only a dollar! Cheap and chic.

 photo ca5b0a34a8eb742179699f98a06c0ba9.jpg

2) Dying over how expensive and legit this abstract gold stripey faux wallpaper looks from Patchwork and Co.

 photo 6a013485164b5d970c019aff0c3581970d-800wi.jpg

3) Jordan and her team always share the coolest project ideas, including this iPhone case DIY (from Oh Happy Day).

 photo Gold-Leaf-iPhone-Cases4.jpg
4) I love this twist on the painted-out vintage globe idea! From Love and Renovations.

 photo IMG_1056_zpsb64978e4.jpg

5) This one’s not a tutorial, but I think it would be easy to DIY something inspired by this Natural Curiosities art piece!
 photo VG_cartier_heart_strings_06A5878_web_0_0.jpg
6) What’s the surest way to make me love something lucite even more? Add a little gold leaf edging! From A Bubbly Life.

 photo goldleafupclose2.jpg

7) I want to make a whole wall of these leafed clipboards to help us stay organized. From My Fabuless Life.

 photo back-to-school-organization.jpg

8) Continuing on with the office supply theme, I’m LOVING this mouse pad tutorial from Lovely Indeed! Another great gift idea.

 photo 29ce469ba73183bb9efca24a8e3f6645.jpg

9) This one is FOR SURE happening at my house. I mean, wow!! Again, no tutorial, just pure inspiration here. I can’t wait to find a beat up Eames shell chair on Craigslist and go to town!

 photo fatd1329.jpg

10) This Hicks knock-off wall is an oldie, but such a goodie. I would love to recreate this in my girls bathroom. From Almost 40 year old Intern.

 photo 52555a89dbfa3f0d6100032d_w540_h751_sfit_.jpg
11) This little plate DIY would make an awesome present add-on. Who wouldn’t want a pretty piece of jewelry and a really cool catch-all to hold it? From Homey Oh My.

 photo Gold-Leaf-Jewelry-Tray-with-Jewelry.jpg

12) Again, no tutorial, but this image from designer Stephen Knollenberg is a favorite. It seems like the beautiful art could be recreated on a big piece of watercolor paper? I love all the white space.

 photo ScreenShot2014-12-12at14109PM.png

13) I love these high gloss gold terra-cotta pots! It seems like a little gold spray paint and a lot of spray lacquer could recreate the look?

 photo 1678d410b533bf272e413f1cc91eba47.jpg

14) I’ve seen a couple tutorial for gold leaf laurel crowns where you just spray paint real leaves and it looked really great! This door wreath is a similar idea and I wish I would have seen it before decorating for Christmas this year! Next year, I guess.

 photo 7fb2becf3c346caa7ff1c6e84459285e.jpg

15) This gold leaf table lamp is completely amazing. I know IKEA used to sell a floor lamp (maybe a table version too?) in a really similar shape. I’d love to try and recreate this look!
 photo 100_image4s_new_format_Tavolo.jpg
16) How cool are these planters? I’m definitely wanting a version of the one on the right especially. I love the pink color too. From Hunt and Bow.
 photo 0e38edb503b7efcfeca0ccf978f2a0b7.jpg

17) I’m crazy over the unexpected, artistic finish on this console! What a cool statement piece for an entry!
 photo afterafterdresser.png
18) This pretty brushstroke balloon DIY was this inspiration for tomorrow’s project that I’m excited to share! 
 photo 2d2b89eeb85c9ffe843b6df877dce826.jpg

Alright friends, what great gold projects am I leaving out? Have you tackled anything you’re extra proud of? I’d love to see it!

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