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Hi friends!!! Thank you for all your well-wishes and support about baby Margot and for letting me take a little breather after her arrival. I’ve been soaking up every second of these sweet first few weeks!

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It’s been a great time for me to reflect on my career too, and I’ve got some big plans. The blog and website redesign is almost done and we’ve decided to do an online store. I’ll be selling some of my most favorite, really special pieces online – I’m SO excited to show you!

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I’ve also been taking on more client work this year, so we’re hiring! If you are an experienced interior designer looking for work in the Phoenix area, please email me! I’d love to hear from you.  xo

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22 thoughts on “Hiring!

  1. I squealed when I saw there was a new post. So glad you've had time with your adorable little one (and you deserve all the time in the world with your girls and they deserve time with their momma, too), but selfishly I am so glad to hear that new things are coming from you!! Your blog helps me get through my afternoon slump at work and is always so inspiring!!!

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of Margot and your excitement regarding the new direction of your blog and business.

    I don't know how you do it, but you're Superwoman!

  3. So excited to see your new stuff! Love the tiny baby sleeping next to the fabric stash. When I had my first, I was working in the costume shop for the UofA opera department. I'd lay her down for a nap in a box of petticoats. :)

  4. Congrats! So thrilled to see the changes. Quick question, Margo's little comfy spot there looks awesome. What is she resting in? Trying to figure out what I will need in 6 months. A little overwhelmed. Ha.

    Congrats again!

  5. I know this is a little silly, but I've been looking at Moroccan rugs online, and I love how they look flipped over like yours. It helps tone down all the pattern and colors. I was wondering if you have a picture of your rug right-side up? Not many shops post full pictures of the back of the rugs, and I'd like to have an idea of colors/patterns to looks for before I start asking them for extra pictures. Thanks!

  6. I'm so thrilled that you're back. I'm happy you were able to spend time loving on that baby, but I've missed you. :) Can't wait to see all the goodness that you have up your sleeves! Wish I were a designer who lived in Phx. I'll be living vicariously through your blog. Can't wait! ;) Again, welcome back!

  7. I'm so excited you're back!! I had almost given up! ;) Hope the new and improved family is settling in well. I can't wait to see the changes!!

  8. three baby girls the best design of all! enjoy the rest of your 'maternity leave'

    ~excited for the upcoming web redesign and store.

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