Artist Spotlight: Beth Allen - Juniper Home

Artist Spotlight: Beth Allen


Beth Allen is a talented artist and friend who lives here in Arizona in a historic ranch style home with her husband and young five children. Six years ago, Beth and her husband bought their home and have been tackling projects as a family ever since. Beth’s home is filled with color and character, and speaks so much to Beth as an artist and person. I’m so glad she agreed to let us share some of the special corners of her home and studio here!

Beth loves art and pieces in her home that are special, that feel like they tell a story. She is an avid thrifter (a kindred spirit!) and her favorite thing to hunt for is vintage paint by number paintings. Beth’s secret for decorating with kids in mind is all about thinking outside of the box. Like, she loves using vintage trunks and luggage for a storage boxes, and she loves framing her kids artwork. She also likes to let her her children help with her home projects, so they feel connected with and ownership over their family spaces.

Beth is an artist and her husband is an amazing baker! He owns Proof Bread and makes some of the most delicious baked goods I’ve ever tasted. Some of the goods are baked at home, so their house always smells like heaven! I’m on Whole30 right now, so I can’t even drive by their place. ;) Arizona friends, you can buy Proof breads and croissants at the Phoenix Flea and Gilbert Farmer’s Market every weekend. Run! They often sell out fast.
I asked Beth about how she likes to shop for art for her home. She recommends shopping for a mix of masculine and feminine, vintage and modern. She likes buying and supporting other local artists that she’s met at the markets she sold at. She also loves to support other up and coming artists on Society 6. She often buys art that is totally different than the style she paints.

Beth works in the sweetest little studio on their property. Though she loves watercolor, her favorite medium is oil and her favorite thing to paint is portraits and still life.

You can find Beth’s work in her shop and on Society 6. And don’t miss out – Every Friday she sells a original mini-painting on her Instagram feed!

 photo Beth Allen 2.jpg
 photo Beth Allen 1.jpg

Thank you to Breanne Johnson of Red Poppy Photo for taking these beautiful photographs!  If you would like to share an artist to spotlight on LGN, email us! 

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20 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Beth Allen

  1. This post brightened my day; everything is so unique and colourful. All the disparate elements come together without looking at all forced. I especially love the kitchen peninsula with the beautiful tiled countertop and darling overhand. I'd love to see further pics of the kitchen. It looks original, but in perfect shape. Most people would have ripped it out, if so. Charming!

  2. Beth is amazing! I love her work and her home is equally inspiring. I especially love that row of sketch portraits. So many treasures for her kids to fight over when they grow up ;) !

  3. I love how incredibly bright and happy Beth's home is! It really must do wonders for her as an artist to have a space that is so cheerful and happy to keep her inspired and productive. Inspires me to update my own workspace!

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  5. I love seeing the studio of a working artist. I am impressed that she has children and still has time to paint. I miss painting and hope I will have time for it someday.

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry Anne! Let me look into this! I’m not great at this sort of thing, but I will put in an email to my hosting service. I’ll get back to you if they have any input. xo

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