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Five More Minutes: Midweek Hosting


Nothing helps me get my house in shape faster than when guests are headed over! We are going to be traveling a lot in June and the thought of my house sitters seeing my majorly blah bathroom was such a bummer! Something had to be done, and fast.

 photo IMG_9031.jpg

Happily, Target Style invited me to shop their new spring collection from Threshold and Nate Berkus. Hello, dream job! They believe (and so do I!) that with just five more minutes of attention and the addition of just a few cool, what I call top-layer pieces, even the most boring space can become a showpiece room that you’ll be so excited to share with your guests!

 photo IMG_8948.jpg

Remember what my bathroom looked like when we moved in? Baby blue walls, weird vanity, dark baskets that shed everywhere, and absolutely nowhere to hang towels!

 photo DSC_0540.jpg
 photo DSC_0547.jpg
 photo fDSC_0559.jpg

I painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray (one of my very favorite colors!) and changed out the baskets, which helped for sure. But I knew the room could look a million times better and be much more functional with a top layer of cool accessories.

 photo IMG_9032.jpg

I planted a really hardy succulent in this great Nate Berkus bowl for on top of the shelving. Every room needs a little bit of greenery – even a bathroom! That oversized basket that we’re using as a laundry hamper is new from Nate Berkus, too.

 photo IMG_8994.jpg
We added six of these wooden hooks to the walls for robes and towels. I love the warmth that the wood tones bring in! And I’m obsessed with the white bath sheets and the adorable black and white towels with fringe.
 photo IMG_9007.jpg
 photo IMG_8959.jpg
I eventually want to replace the mosaic pendant light with something more permanent, but for now I hung a white paper lantern right over the top of the old pendant.
 photo IMG_8954.jpg

One of my very favorite additions to the bathroom was hanging these Threshold mirrors on top of my outdated sheet glass mirror. It only took a minute to put these up with a few large-sized picture hanging strips. I love the dimension they add!

 photo IMG_8987.jpg
 photo IMG_9028.jpg
There are some fabulous gold and brass toned accessories at Target right now that I just couldn’t resist, especially this glass jewelry box. I love to have a pretty place to stash my wedding rings at night before bed. And that pencil holder works perfectly as a make-up brush organizer! 

 photo IMG_8977.jpg
And how sweet is the gold shaving mirror? I’m obsessed with the design – it is solid and looks so beautiful in person!
 photo IMG_8974.jpg
 photo IMG_9018.jpg
Those mint and navy turkish towels were on clearance and they look so cute with my green glass oil can soap dispensers (a long-time favorite of mine!). And I think the Moroccan-inspired bath mats are just the right pop of pattern in here.

 photo IMG_8991.jpg

But the pink stool! She’s the hero of my additions! I can’t tell you how much joy that little stool brings me. I tucked her in to that little vanity spot and it was like the whole room came alive, just like that! And suddenly I’ve gone from embarrassed to excited to show this room to our house guests! It’s so much better, right?

 photo IMG_8936 copy.jpg

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PS Check out Smitten Studio to see how Sarah transformed her outdoor entertaining space with just five more minutes!

This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online.

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18 thoughts on “Five More Minutes: Midweek Hosting

  1. When my children see me vacuuming, their first question is always, "Who's coming over?" Your bathroom is certainly ready for company. Beautiful! Best wishes.

  2. we try to entertain weekly just so the house stays presentable! I love the Turkish towels! I'm so bummed though – I'm in Toronto and Target opened here in Canada but went out of business! So sad! So many amazing things in your post. It'll be worth a drive to the U.S. soon!

  3. I love the black and white fringe towels and the pencil holders as makeup supply holders is really smart. Unfortunately our bathroom does not allow room for a vanity set up, so I will file this away until we get to remodel!

  4. Super impressed. What an amazing transformation! I love all the added touches but the paper lantern is so simple yet makes HUGE difference. Loving those bath mats too. Amazing.

  5. I love that pink and gold stool! I wanted to buy it so badly the other day, but somehow retrained myself since I have no where to put it… :(

    ps Tobacco Vanille is my favorite perfume!

  6. Lovely! I've never seen the decorative mirror on top of a flat mirror before, that's such a cute idea. It adds a lot of personality to the space. Time for me to go shopping!

  7. This sponsored post totally worked on me! I was inspired to buy the black and white fringe hand towels, the black marble soap dispenser, and the oil can dispenser for hand lotion. It's crazy how these 4 things plus a couple photos, little cup of q-tips, little cup of flowers totally transformed a boring vanity. Thanks, Jenny!

    Love that the towels look good on the reverse side even if that wasn't intended!…I think I prefer that mostly black side for my room.

    Pretty sure I'm going to go back and get the shaving mirror.

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  9. insta'take away: bath mats already order, cactus trough, and serene use of accessory mirrors. (and, or course, a pink stool would Of Course make everything even Better!!)

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