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Evie’s Bedroom


One of the design questions I get asked the most is how to get kids involved with decorating their bedrooms without letting it turn into a Dora or Minecraft-themed room. Generally, I feel like it’s more than okay to have character accents in a kid’s bedroom  – it is their room after all! But I also think it’s a smart idea to buy classic furniture and bedding that will grow with your child.

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The girls are on summer vacation right now and we decided to get some projects done in their bedrooms while they’re home for most of the day. We looked through my fabric stash to get color ideas, and, as I expected, each of them sort of decided to do their own thing and go in completely different directions. Evie’s class did a big butterfly study this year and she’s been begging for a “butterfly bedroom” ever since. I don’t usually love the idea of a strictly set theme in a bedroom, but as far as that goes, a butterfly room sounded pretty great to me.

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She was a little bummed that I didn’t have any fabric with butterflies on it, but decided that a floral fabric would also work after I told her we could figure out some butterfly art. She asked if she could have the Orangerie pillows that were on the daybed in the playroom. We have recently moved that room around too to make space for Margot’s crib, so the pillows were up for grabs. I still really love that pattern and thought it would be fun to make it work with her butterfly idea.


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It turns out that the Orangerie fabric also works perfectly with the bedding we had ordered from Crane and Canopy. I’ve been hearing about this company on blogs for years and I was excited to finally get to see some of their product in person. It is gorgeous! Beautifully made and super, super soft.
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I went with the coral Linden duvet and shams, which I think will grow with Evie and look gorgeous on her bed for years to come!


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The scalloped sheets and pillow shams take the cake for me though! Can you even handle that cute little edge detail? So sweet, but not baby-looking. I would love this sheet set on my own bed. They have so many cute colors in the scalloped line too, including this adorable mint and a super-chic black set!
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We’re still working on finishing Evie’s room, but I think we have a good start with this new bedding! Here are a few other favorites from Crane and Canopy:
What did you think?
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24 thoughts on “Evie’s Bedroom

  1. Where did you find the rug? Looking for something similar for my daughters room! Love it all! Great job – as usual!!

  2. Thanks guys! I'll round up all the links when I do the projects/DIY post but here's a rough list of sources:

    Nightstands – vintage (painted white)
    Bed – Amazon – I think the brand is Baxton
    Rug – Surya Pink rag rug
    Green Planter – base vintage, pot is a DIY
    Acrylic frames – DIY

  3. I love watching how you re-purpose pieces like the pillow from home to home and room to room. I'm about to make my sixth move in twelve years into my first owned home. I'm looking forward to buying more room specific pieces, but I'll continue shuffling accessories.

  4. So pretty!! And I love the butterfly art and what you did with the plexiglass. I'm going to go look to see if you've explained the plexiglass framing in previous posts – that's such a great alternative for big pieces!

  5. I would love to know how you framed the butterflies. I am an artist and have been wanting to frame some of my work in lucite frames like that. Haven't researched it much. I have done it with much smaller pieces but really want to do it with bigger work. Would love for you to post or email me! Thanks so much!

  6. So sweet! When you mentioned the playroom, I was reminded of the daybed with the beautiful purple velvet tufts. Can you comment on how the 'easier' technique of drilling directly through the fabric has held up? I'm wanting to use this method for my own headboard but would love to hear if you still endorse it! Thank you : )

  7. Lovely! Can I ask, what is your go-to for end tables? We desperately need some in the guest room but I have trouble balancing between super cheap and way too expensive. I love the ones in this bedroom!

    Thank you!!

  8. cotton that has been treated during this manner is that the most sturdy and it’ll be less doubtless to fade or lose its high-quality feel in repetitive washes.

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