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On Choosing Bathroom Tile


Shopping for tile just might be one of my favorite things. There are SO many great patterns, colors and materials out there! The only problem is that whenever I shop for tile at a design center I’m always blown away at the prices. It can really add up quickly!


Then, earlier this year, when I started working on my parents remodel and we needed lots of tile, I stumbled into Floor & Decor for the first time. It took about 30 seconds of looking at their great marble tile inventory to realize that we were set! We literally bought every tile we used in the house at Floor & Decor! They had every style we envisioned for each of the bathrooms, the laundry room and the kitchen. And now I’m using their tile in a couple of client projects, too. It feels like my not-so-secret, secret source! :) The best part is they have all the tile in stock in their stores, so you can handpick the sheets or tile pieces you like the best (SO important when using stone, especially, with all the natural color and pattern variation!).

 photo IMG_1738.jpg

Their stores are HUGE and they carry almost every style of hard surface flooring (including wood) and decorative tile you can imagine. They also sell all of the supplies and tools you’ll need for installation. It’s a DIYer’s (and designer’s!) paradise.

 photo IMG_1739.jpg

Given how into Floor & Decor I’ve been these days, you can imagine how excited I was when they reached out to invite me to share some of my favorite tile selections with you! I’ve learned that because there are so many classic and on-trend options available, that’s a task easier said than done! But when it comes to choosing tile for a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, there’s a high likelihood I’ll be going with one of my three favorite tiling options: subway, penny and/or marble.

 photo IMG_1053.jpg

Subway tile is just about as classic as you can get! And don’t feel like you have to go with the standard running bond installation pattern! Think outside the box! (Here is a great reference sheet for pattern ideas.) I’m completely in love with this version of a herringbone pattern, rotated just a few degrees to give it a more modern feel!

 photo de10ff8851b30f49b8de73ff741034e4.jpg
Smitten Studio

Another way to make subway tile feel special is to make it more graphic with a really dark grout. I love the marble baseboard in this photo too.

 photo 2a3986d80f79f7558b0036ab93a96afe.jpg

 photo 6ed2892717b1489df13c203a32430491.jpg

Although, I will say that white grout is back with a vengeance! I think part of that is due to how far grout technology has come over the past few years. Floor & Decor carries a few great lines that don’t need to be sealed or re-sealed. Bring on the white grout!

 photo ddb8015f1313f1270688b422774df8e4.jpg
Mark Reilly

 photo 097504229fa73c4a823277f2b7e36214.jpg
Amber Interiors

 photo ec4a966e053dc6d91483771e1ad6331e.jpg
Design Sponge

One of the best things about subway tile is it’s super cheap – only 21 cents a piece! The beveled edge tile is a bit of an upgrade, but is still affordable at only 49 cents.

 photo IMG_1042 copy.jpg

The 4×4″ square is an absolute steal at 12 cents each!

 photo IMG_1038 copy1.jpg

It’s surprisingly chic for such an affordable material! How great does it look with this black hex tile? I think that is the secret to making subway tile look special – pairing it with something a little more unique!

 photo ded790bff5f7a69377a2326ad41566a9 1.jpg

Penny and hex tiles are another way to stretch your design dollar. These beautiful penny tiles are only $2.99/ft.

 photo IMG_1047.jpg

Just like with subway tile, you really can’t go wrong with white penny tile and gray grout! If you’re feeling adventurous, black penny with black grout is super modern and so dramatic!

 photo bathAnnaSpiro.png
Anna Spiro

 photo 0d5a98527a2cf251c28597a1f6e9fb51.jpg
Studio McGee

Some people worry about cleaning so much grout, but it’s really not that bad! I use this beast of a scrub brush on my tumbling block floor tile and it works great! I actually love all the grout in a bathroom – it makes the floors much safer to walk on when wet.

 photo cf6756a1c9cf7fb06ac437829c77dcfa.jpg

And don’t forget the idea of making your own patterns with hex or penny tiles!

 photo 2d3f2ff8288b69d81a68bdecf7f8643e.jpg

The marble tile section is where I spend most of my time shopping at F&D. The employees that work that section know me (and Margot) by name. :) We used this one in my Mom and Dad’s bathroom:

 photo IMG_1020 copy_1.jpg

And this one in their guest bath (after photos to come!):

 photo IMG_0973 copy_1.jpg

 photo IMG_0979 copy_1.jpg

And this beautiful mosaic marble in their game room bath:

 photo IMG_0972 copy_1.jpg

 photo IMG_9592.jpg

 photo 1IMG_9757.jpg

And this sweet marble mini herringbone tile for their kitchen backsplash. I love the texture of this tile!

 photo IMG_0964 copy_1.jpg

 photo IMG_0965 copy_1.jpg

 photo IMG_0014 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_0137 copy.jpg

I’ve been wanting to replace the tile in the studio bath and I’m toying with an idea my newest design team member, Megan, showed me on Pinterest for cutting down 12×12 marble tiles into smaller strips for a herringbone pattern. Wouldn’t that be a gorgeous look with these inexpensive honed carrara tiles?

 photo IMG_0960 copy_1.jpg

 photo IMG_0944 copy_1.jpg

 photo 70c6105ff2582753f3697842a6ccc259.jpg
Enjoy Co.

 photo 1f5b8bb97d76a293fef51463f9ce4cb3.jpg
Amy Sklar

 photo 3df1ef872dcb5abfabc33d7322bb05b4.jpg
Elements of Style

 photo 0c781831fc5fb9b4707f40d84d6ec192.jpg
Elements of Style

If that idea ends up being too labor intensive, my back-up plan is this gorgeous marble basketweave pattern. I am pretty obsessed with this one!

 photo IMG_1029 copy_1.jpg

Do you love tile as much as I do? Like consumes-your-every-waking-thought-and-dream amounts of love?? Which tile patterns are making your heart go pitter-patter lately? 
A big thanks to Floor & Decor for partnering with me on this flooring series! :) And if you’re interested in hiring our team to help you design your home, email me! We’re taking clients in Arizona and California.
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