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Sprucing Up with Newly Framed Art

New art is like the secret weapon of redecorating. It instantly makes a tired room feel fresh and exciting – like putting on a new necklace with an old dress! 
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I’ve been wanting to make some changes to our bedroom and I had planned on buying a new bed, but the one I wanted to order was discontinued. Big time bummer. I might have my metal guy make something for us this winter but in the meantime, as a quick fix, we painted the walls and decided to take down the desert panels. I knew different art would make the space feel new. I wanted something a little punchy, but in a much smaller size.

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This Milton Avery book is a great one – chock full of beautiful, full-color prints. I found a second copy recently at a used book store for only a few dollars and snatched it right up. I used an X-acto knife to carefully cut out the pages I liked the most for my bedroom.

 photo IMG_1691.jpg
 photo IMG_1694.jpg
I’ve used Framebridge before to affordably frame some of my favorite art prints. They also offer this really cool service where you can upload your instagram photos and they’ll print and frame them for you and then ship them to you for free! I have done this for family gifts a few times now and it’s becoming a go-to for me! They have beautiful, modern frame choices and I knew I wanted to use them again to frame these Avery prints.

 photo IMG_1676.jpg
If you’re wanting to frame a piece you already have, Framebridge sends you pre-paid shipping supplies to send in your artwork. It couldn’t be easier! I popped my prints in the mail and the framed artwork came back so quickly! Check these beauties out:

 photo IMG_1450.jpg
 photo IMG_1468.jpg
I stacked a white frame on top of a natural one on each side of the bed and hung my favorite cloud painting by Tara Andris in the middle. I love the combo! I used to have the painting hanging on the other side of room above the dresser, but we recently decided to put a TV in our room. (Not so sure how I feel about that development… but at least the art on this side of the room looks pretty!)

 photo IMG_1547.jpg
 photo IMG_1538.jpg
 photo IMG_1504.jpg
 photo IMG_1565.jpg
It’s a fun change from what we had before, don’t you think?
 photo IMG_1594.jpg
 photo IMG_1553.jpg
While I was getting the Avery prints framed, I decided to take care of two more pieces I’ve been wanting to frame for ages now. One of them was this cool piece I bought at the Chelsea Flea Market a few years ago. It’s called ‘If Not Sound, Then Music is Feeling’ and Michael and I both really love that it looks like music notes.

 photo IMG_1696.jpg
 photo IMG_1627.jpg
 photo IMG_1658.jpg

I chose one of Framebridge’s new frame styles called the Bolton, which is made from oiled steel and has these really cool rivet details.

 photo IMG_1649.jpg
 photo IMG_1673.jpg

And after I mailed the piece in, the Framebridge team emailed me to say they actually recommended no mat and a float mount to accentuate the uneven edges of the piece. I love their attention to detail!

 photo IMG_1639.jpg
 photo IMG_1693.jpg
I think this frame is my new favorite – there’s just nothing like it! The finish is gorgeous and combines SO well with all of the vintage and antique frames in my gallery wall!
 photo IMG_1672.jpg

And since Framebridge also frames canvases, I sent in one of my favorite lady portraits. It kept getting knocked over where I had it on an easel and the edges were getting a little damaged.

 photo IMG_1684.jpg
 photo IMG_1690.jpg

It was a good time to get the portrait newly framed anyway because I’ve been planning to hang it up to the studio, which has been getting rearranged and redecorated, too, as our team grows. I don’t know who the real woman in the painting is, but she’s always reminded me of my Grandma Russell, who was a quiet hero in my life. Each time I look at this painting, I’m reminded that kindness is the most important thing. Such good energy for our office! :)

 photo IMG_1736.jpg
 photo IMG_1805.jpg
I love seeing her hanging up in our little sitting area, supervising our team meetings. :)

 photo IMG_1767.jpg

Isn’t the floating frame beautiful?! The bright gold looks like a million bucks with the warm green tones in the background of the painting.

 photo IMG_1739.jpg
 photo IMG_1789.jpg
Having these newly framed pieces hanging in our home is like a big breath of fresh air! I’m so happy that these familiar artworks have finally gotten the love and attention they deserve. :)

A big thanks to Framebridge for partnering with us on this post! Take 20% off your first order of $59 or more with the code LITTLEGREENNOTEBOOK20 (code expires 11/30/2015).
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21 thoughts on “Sprucing Up with Newly Framed Art

  1. I've always loved the artwork in your home. You've got a great eye and the art-book tip is fabulous. But what I'm really loving is all the new neutral upholstery in your home. The settee looks fab in your bedroom and I think I spy the formerly coral painted chairs in white by the gallery wall. Upholstery evolution post please!

  2. Where are your bamboo shades from Jenny? Are those the ones you scored at Lowes on super sale a year or so ago? I just moved into my first house and have no window coverings and want ones like those very much! Any leads would be much appreciated. And I agree with everyone else, your choice of artwork is always amazing. That cloud painting is on my wish list.

  3. This is such a great gift idea! I know it's too early to think about Christmas, but…

    Also, where did you find the white clock on your bedside table? I love it so much more than my cheapie drug store digital alarm clock!

  4. Love all of the framed pieces. I am curious to learn about your framing choices in the bedroom. Interested in why mixing white with natural wood. Cute, just would love to hear your thought process.

  5. Hi,

    I've never written you but I've been following you for years and am really inspired by you. Every time I think of procrastinating a craft/project/whatever I think "Jenny did [insert large scale, impressive DIY project]. You can start [very small, not so impressive project.] So get up!" [I'm usually sitting on the couch ; ), ].

    I was wondering if you could share your experience with the lovely blue, velvet couch and pets. I'd love to do something similar but fear I'd spend the rest of my days trying to remove my dog's blond hair from it. Also the rug in the same room is lovely.

    I understand if you can't respond. If you're faced with only enough time that you have to chose between replying to me or writing another post…chose "post" please!


  6. The transformation with the framed painting is so good!! I was just thinking about all the pieces I need to get framed and wondering about good sources. Your office space is also looking quite stunning! I just don't know how you do it all with 4 children and running a business … Major props!

  7. Your entire home is looking so different and beautiful from a common home I really like the art of interior you have used over to your home. Really a nice attempt.Thanks for sharing here the beautiful pictures of your home.Sharing something for all about bathrooms as there are many innovative bathroom makeovers sites with which we makeover our bathroom with creative bathroom ideas and bathroom design and get your bathroom looks wonderful.

  8. Everything looks gorgeous! I love your yellow bed so much. And after seeing that lovely portrait framed, I ordered the same frame with your coupon code, thank you very much! :)

  9. Jenny, I have a question. I know you're LDS. Do you have much gospel related art in your home? How do you display it tactfully? Thanks.

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