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The Barneys Chairs


My wildest chair dreams came true! We’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of vintage chairs to recover for a client and one of my amazing girls, Kayla, stumbled on a listing for a pair of floral chairs and sent it right to me, thinking they’d be fun for the studio. Her Craigslist sleuthing skills are unreal!

 photo IMG_4193.jpg
 photo IMG_2261.jpg

Do these chairs look familiar at all? They’re custom green floral linen Le Corbusier chairs that I posted a photo of here. Barneys apparently had two made for every store location a couple years ago and now they’re changing things up. (Isn’t that mannequin hilarious?)

 photo IMG_3265 1.jpg

We called on the listing the second Kayla found it and sure enough it was a display person at Barneys that had listed the chairs. She said she’d had a ton of response to the listing and that the price had been bid up. She said the chairs were now $60 each. LOL, right? I was like, “Erm, yeah, that’s totally fine.”

I drove right over to Barneys and they showed me into a restaurant area on the top floor that had been closed for renovations. The chairs were there, along with a couple of rugs and display cases they were selling (nothing as great as these chairs though).

 photo IMG_3275.jpg
 photo IMG_3272.jpg

Honestly, it felt a little fishy at first, being whisked away into a closed section of the store to show me super underpriced Le Corbusier chairs! But they had an invoice from Barneys all ready for me and they ran my credit card instead of asking for cash, so I felt like everything was legit. :)

 photo IMG_3277.jpg
 photo IMG_3287.jpg

I still can’t believe our luck on this one! I’m SO happy with how these chairs look in the studio. They’re just the right size. And they’re green floral. And they were $60 – the price of a pair of socks at Barneys! COME ON! It’s all too good.

 photo IMG_2287 1.jpg
 photo IMG_4182.jpg
Have you had any major Craigslist scores lately?
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30 thoughts on “The Barneys Chairs

  1. I want to be happy for you, but I (not so) secretly hate you. My envy is filling me to my very core and might just explode with head spinning and bile spewing like the little girl on The Exorcist.

    The only bright side is that I must admit that I am glad that they are now in your capable hands where we can all view them and admire them, rather into the nameless/faceless hands of an anonymous non-blogging new owner.

    Do us all proud. And make sure we get regular updates on how our chairs are doing.

  2. I second everything ita darling said up there.
    This score is so bananas that it makes me feel kinda sick.
    But I must be real (I live across the country in the boonies for one thing) and stay positive and happy for you lest the Craigslist gods spurn me for my grumbling about your good fortune!

    I love that we get to see them on your blog. That green and black floral is inspiring!!

  3. My refrigerator recently died and because my husband has early-onset dementia I wanted to find one as similar as possible. Well, do you know it's almost impossible to find white ones these days? So I took a chance and looked on Craig's List. I not only found one near identical to ours, but as part of the deal the owner would deliver, install the water line AND haul away our old one. All for $385! SO thankful!

  4. I had a Craigslist miracle this month, too! I bought a Thayer Coggin 3-seat tuxedo sofa for $200 bucks. When I checked with TC, they told me it was designed by Milo Baughman in the mid-seventies. It is in great shape, an ivory wool with a great brass detail outlining the arms. Love!

    I learned how to Craigslist shop from LGN! I love that your house is full of precious and special treasures (one of my favorite recent posts: "These are a few of my favorite things"). It inspired me to start my own collection. I am so grateful for the online education. I never realized that I could have a TRULY beautiful home, even when always shopping on a budget!

  5. This style chair was actually designed by Eileen Gray in collaboration with Corbusier. She designed all furniture under his name and was actually a great designer/architect herself. Had to mention this, as women in design still fight for recognition in a field that is historically marginalizing.

  6. I looooove these chairs! So dreamy. A week ago, I scored a beautiful Persian vintage rug off Craigslist for FREE. Still can’t believe it. It’s a 9×6 and a perfect fit for our living room sitting area. We took it straight to the Deep Eddie rug cleaners (Austin, TX) who confirmed the rug was the real deal. The pile is thick and still had a proce tag on it for $4,500. Crazy, right?!

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